Blair plots cash for honours revenge on police

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Malteser, Dec 3, 2006.

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  1. Source: Mail on Sunday
  2. I`m sorry, WTF is this about name through the mud!!!!! His Bliarness has succeeded quite sufficiently on his own to achieve this and does not require the assistance of the Met.

    I hope the Met have some aces up their sleeve and throw the book at these sneaky, dispicable, arrogant sh*ts who dare to say they are representing me!!!!

    I hope he is humiliated and questioned under caution!!!!!!!
  3. Also from The Mail on Sunday

    This could be an interesting constitutional debate: the rule of law versus the dignity of office. I'd love to see Bliar treated in the same way, but I'd hate for the office of Prime Minister to be so tarnished. Saying that, Bliar's pretty much dragged the position into the sewer anyway, so would further damage be possible?
  4. So it's true because the Mail on Sunday say so?
  5. I personally trust the media as far as I can throw them. Whilst I class myself as apolitical (loathing each party equally), I cannot say that for the media.

    When this has been verified by different facets of the media I will be inclined to believe it. So far:

    Quote 1
    Quote 2

    I`m sure as time goes on, more dirty tricks will come into play as a seemingly desperate Government try to avert this political disaster by playing the "blame game".

    I was truly surprised it actually worked in the Hutton inquiry (into the death of Dr Kelly) and the BBC paid the price, with resignations whilst the Government were exonerated!!!!!!

    Political whitewash. I hope not this time. Send them down for a long time!!!!!!!!
  6. I think although all newspapers are guilty of exploiting issues which suit their purposes, I've found the Mail is prepared to go to any length, and exploit any cause, in order to have a pop at the government.

    Like yourself, I've got little time for this current government, but the Mail getting holier than thou is like pinocchio boll0cking someone for lying.
  7. True, but we can choose to ignore The Mail without any impact upon our lives. Unfortunately, this government and its decisions have a direct impact upon all of our lives.
  8. oldbaldy

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    Being a bit evasive as well the little tinkers,
    From The Telegraph:
    Scotland Yard says 10 Downing Street is not co-operating fully with the cash-for-honours inquiry.

    Aides say the Prime Minister is happy to co-operate but should be interviewed as a witness

    Senior detectives have twice asked the Prime Minister's office for copies of all emails, letters and other documents relating to the system for awarding peerages, sources close to the inquiry revealed.

    Yet detectives have complained privately that they received a "very slim" file of material only to discover, through further investigation of their own, that there were hundreds more documents, mainly emails, which had not been handed over. It is believed police gained access remotely to a Government computer to gather some of the material.

    When Acting Assistant Commissioner John Yates wrote to Tony Wright, the chairman of the Commons public administration select committee, last month, updating him on the inquiry, he praised others for co-operating but made no mention of No 10.

    "We continue to liaise with the Electoral Commission in relation to the PPERA [Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act] 2000 and we have also received excellent co-operation from both the Cabinet Office and the House of Lords," Mr Yates wrote. According to sources, No 10 was excluded because of frustration over the level of help on offer.

    Scotland Yard and No 10 are also at loggerheads over how Mr Blair should be interviewed. Detectives, who are due to see him later this month, were expecting to put questions under caution, which would mean his being treated as a suspect.

    No 10 believes this would be unnecessarily embarrassing for Mr Blair during his final months in office and argue that there is insufficient evidence to treat him in such a way.

    Aides say the Prime Minister is happy to co-operate but should be interviewed as a witness.

    The Yard and No 10 have clashed over the source of leaks about the investigation to newspapers.

    It is understood the senior Labour figures have accused top detectives of talking to journalists, though Mr Yates said in his letter that he was confident that operational security remained tight.

    Labour disclosed earlier this year that 12 businessmen had lent it £14 million prior to last year's election. Under election rules, the loans did not have to be made public.

    At the time, the party was in such deep debt that banks may have refused further credit or charged higher rates of interest because of the risks posed of lending to a debt-crippled organisation.
  9. It's all a bit speculative isn't it? Exactly what we'd expect from a rag like The Mail On Sunday.

    That said, I wish I could be confident that he'll be in a 6x6 cell and not capable of any retribution. To me, the happy ending would be for him to do himself in, and if I was the screw looking after him, I'd do my duty to humanity and slip a nice strong expensive tie under the cell door. Think of the lives that would be saved should he ever get in a position to wantonly cause death, serious injury or wreck lives again.
  10. I have obviously missed something here!!!!

    Bliar is the man in charge.
    Bliar was aware of the loans.
    Bliar had dinner with some of the main contributors just prior to the loans.

    Yet he feels he is a WITNESS?????? I must be very niaive as I was under the impression that if evidence clearly pointed to you in a criminal investigation you were regarded as a SUSPECT.

    I wonder if Liarbour will try to fast track some new laws ensuring complete non accountability. Oh I forgot, they`ve done this already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. In criminal investigations, the witnesses are generally interviewed first and the main suspect(s) last under caution when the evidence is placed before him/ them.

    The Blair machine can 'spin' all it likes. They should also realise that they are not immune from a charge of obstruction or attempting to pevert the course of justice!

    Even though the evidence may be cogent, and there is a case to answer, we still have the hurdle of other government servants to surmount, namely, the CPS and Attorney General.

    I wonder which will be the first to certify a charge against a Prime Minister, serving or by then, recently retired? Or will we face the same mentality echoed by successive Home Secretaries dealing with the issue of parolling Myra Hindly, ie, "I am not going down in history as the first!"
  12. Considering everyone else associated with this affair has been interviewed bar Bliar, this would indeed indicate he is a SUSPECT.

    Public humiliation awaits. I hope so!!!!!!!!
  13. Slightly off topic but relevant to the article in the Mail on Sunday - there was an interview on R4 at about 0915 today with an American journalist.

    First of all he bemoaned the lack of red-top equivalents in the US, other than 'Elvis is alive on the Moon' type publications, then he praised them (UK red-tops) for being extreme examples of the pamphleteers from days gone by, always ready to challenge authority / the party line. As opposed to the big names (Telegraph; Times; Guardian; Independant).

    Must admit that he was talking about the eavsdropping stuff and that also I've classed the Mail as a red-top. Articles in Newsweek apparently.
  14. Assuming the coppers can get the slippery little sh*t on something (even perverting the course of justice or obstruction) how much will it f*ck his next career of lecture tours round the US up and is anyone else looking forward to seeing him bankrupted when he's refused access to the US for having a criminal record and he can't afford the mortgage on those dodgy flats he bought?
  15. Yates of The Yard,has a pretty patchy record himself.Remember the Royal Butler saga.After that he was promoted!!!Once he has' completed his enquiries(reminds me of the various Stephens inquiries)'',then the matter gets kicked up to the CPS.It is inconceivable that there will not then be a 'political moment',and someone will be scapegoated.Same will probably apply to the present SFO enquiry into Saudi Arms deals.If the SFO are stamped on,which seems entirely possible,then I imagine that both Bliars will come to a suitable accomodation on honours matters!