Blair pledges proceeds from memoirs to RBL

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FourZeroCharlie, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. It would be churlish not to welcome this move. I wonder if the memoirs themselves reveal what his motive is?
  2. Donations to charities, deductible.


  3. I Just read this on the RBL intranet.

    Whilst any donations should be gratefully accepted, this one tastes of political and moral bankruptcy.

    So he's not going to accept an honour for his work with Charities in the New Years Honours list?
    Yeah right, lying, scheming, self-serving hack politico.
  4. It seems quite out of character for someone so avaricious. Perhaps my cynicism is misplaced but my first thought was 'what's the catch'? Is this genuine or is he playing fast and loose with what 'the royalties' are, is it just on the first print run or edition etc? I feel slightly guilty at such thoughts but if he had not been a stranger to candour and the truth for so long I would not be having them.
  5. An attempt to head off some of the flak about to be unleashed if the Kelly Affair goes to another inquiry?

    Possibly but I reckon the fact it is tax deductible is probably the best contender.

    Lets not forget however if this creature had never got to be PM then no one would be interested in his memoirs anyway.

    What's the betting he has done the minimal amount of work on them anyway allowing a ghost writer access to diaries and official records and correspondence with him just joining the dots.
  6. Well sure the money will be put to good use but there is an unpleasant taint to it. Still, how about funding a bit more, Tony?

    Or is that £4.6m just that bit of your personal UK sourced and taxable income that do not really need and so can gift to charity, get tax relief on and generate some positive press for yourself?

    The world of Tony Blair Inc

    A staff of 130, turnover in the tens of millions: Tony Blair has created enormous wealth, but nobody knows quite how.

    The world of Tony Blair Inc - Telegraph

    The mystery of Tony Blair's finances

    The mystery of Tony Blair's finances | Politics |
  7. what ever the reason (guilt i think) at least he's give a nice fat wedge to help
  8. As long as we all still agree he is a twat of the highest order.
  9. Goes without saying: but do we now expand that to cynical twat of the highest order?
  10. Good for the RBL. But it doesn't assuage Blairs guilt, the slimy tosser.

    Edited for no other reason than I could.
  11. The RBL should say ''Thanks for the money Mr **** off''.

  12. All I can add is that if the price of this is something to be called "The Tony Blair Battle Back Challenge Centre" the RBL should give itself a good talking to.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It's small potatoes compared to the 10's on millions he's made on the speaking tours, talking about his god-given permission to send soldiers to war without the kit that would allow them to do the job properly.

    "Lemme see now, that's £79,000,000 in the bank from all the oil interests and uber-fat-cats that sell arms, plus another £10 million for me becoming a devout catholic and having the lord save my sorry soul (Papal gratitude comes in many forms of course), and lastly but not leastly, ghost write a book that's going to make a few sovs too (sovs, ha ha, sovereigns, mwahahah), **** it, I'll bung it to the RBL and tick another couple of redemption boxes."

    He's a tosser, and this 'gift' though much needed by a forces charity is given, not off the back of his philanthropy and caring of our forces personnel. It's largesse being chucked around out of small change to make it look like he gives a shit about someone other than himself.
  14. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Question is though, if profits go to the RBL.... Will you buy it?