Blair orders review of Armed Forces pay and conditions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hansvonhealing, Oct 2, 2006.

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  1. Blair orders review of Armed Forces' pay and conditions

    Tony Blair has ordered a review of the whole support package available to Armed Forces personnel, Downing Street said today.

    The disclosure follows calls for servicemen and women to be exempt from income tax while serving abroad, amid claims that some troops are being paid less than the minimum wage of £5.35 an hour.
  2. About time, the NHS just had one. It's time for our forces to be treated fairly.
  3. Ahh, didn't see it...should I delete?
  4. Is that why they're sacking loads of nurses?
  5. Nope, that's the hospitals overspend and the idea that we can run the hospitals more efficiently in future with less wards/nurses and shorter hospital stays for planned operations. A sort of "just in time" system for elective surgery.

    "Agenda for change" was supposed to set up a pay system for the whole NHS that is fair. It gave some groups in the NHS a decent pay rise.
  6. That's interesting....I'm sure I read somewhere in the Torygraph that Cameron has promised to look into the idea. Wonder which politician came up with the idea first.

    I'll see if I can find a link...............
  7. My profession has come out nicely from it, but others :roll: I can now earn a good whack more out than in!!!!!
  8. Me too, but new staff are being shafted in the same profession.
  9. Knee jerk politics as usual - nonetheless let's hope the lads benefit from it.
  10. Lets look at this one shall we. Sprog fresh out of the factory lets say £35 a day. Now circumstances dictate you end up having to work a full 24 hour day (not so uncommon, even on exercise)

    £35/24 hours = £1.46 ph

    Bit far off minimum wage yet...
  11. One more to add on that, weve been whinging about this since Telic 1 and nothing ever got done back then
  12. One thing the Govt could to maximum value do is to influence local housing authorities to treat HM Forces (at least) equally with other public sector employees. New initiative announced today

    The Government has today launched a scheme to get more people on the property ladder. Open Market HomeBuy is one of a series of HomeBuy products designed to provide help in buying a home.

    It builds on the success of the earlier Open Market HomeBuy scheme, launched in the spring of this year. A greater number of people will be able to enjoy the benefits of the scheme as a result of the changes.

    Open Market HomeBuy offers certain groups of potential buyers access to two equity loans totalling 25% of a property’s value. The first is from one of four lenders taking part in the scheme and the second is from the Government and is administered by a network of housing associations known as HomeBuy Agents.

    It is open to existing housing association and council tenants, people on housing waiting lists for social rented housing who are nominated by their local council as being in housing need, key public sector workers – such as nurses and firefighters – in London, the South East and the East of England, and some other priority first time buyers.

    Link is

    Interestingly, trawling through the bumph, it appears that is available to HM Forces in some areas (Winchester) but not others (London & most
    other areas).

    Suggest some ARSSE driven pressure would allow us to be treated as equals ?...we DO pay taxes too.
  13. Daily Mail: Blair orders review of Armed Forces' pay and conditions

    Reader comments

  14. "Before the measures come into effect the Armed Forces Pay Review Body must agree the blueprint — and it needs the Cabinet’s blessing."

    Parameters for the AFPRB are:

    "In reaching its recommendations, the Review Body is to have regard to the following considerations:
    • the need to recruit, retain and motivate suitably able and qualified people taking account of the particular circumstances of Service life;
    • Government policies for improving public services, including the requirement on the MoD to meet the output targets for the delivery of departmental services;
    • the funds available to the Ministry."

    Quote from the Sun so if it is true will not take effect until next Apr, not a lot of use for those currenlty on Ops but I guess better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Despite CoC concerns my money is on Tax free on ops rather than across the ranks pay rise as will in the long term be more affordable as it will mean Treasury wil seek to place even tighter limits on headroom in Op Theatres.

    Of course the parameters for the AFPRB mean that nothing will happen on affordability grounds without cuts!!