Blair. Open Britain

I think it is a good thing that a man with so much integrity and is so trustworthy is back on the main stage of the political arena.

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Proof that spray-tan kills brain cells.

Or imparts messianic delusions.
Seems to me that he is saying him and his remain cronies made such a cods up of explaining to us oiks how good it would be to remain that they would like another go, please.
It's Blair. The guy is a very astute politician. He knows he's unpopular and he knows that statement will wind people up. Whatever his agenda, you can bet it's not the first thing out of his mouth.

Still angling for the EU presidency, perhaps?
Curious to know who's put the money up for his arrogant grandstanding. I wonder cynically if this is not a big consultancy project paid by the EU through his foundation!

Or,could it be he is still after the European big job he didn't get last time around?
We might well see Bliar cosying up to SNP then assuming the mantle of First Minister so that he is ideally placed to still become president of Europe should they get in the EU. He's a spent loose cannon who, like the sheep, has lost his way. All that blood on his hands and he still courts publicity, the twunk! :cool:
General Emelio Mola told reporters he had four columns outside Madrid and a fifth inside made up of supporters.

Junker would have the EU as his column outside, and Blair wants to lead a column of MPs & liberati, joining columns of SNP (own agenda), and BBC/Sky

His fourth column inside he might see as the House of Lords, but this is moot.
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