Blair on Radio 4 - Your comments in due course please

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lsquared, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. Blair is on Radio 4 this morning at 0810 hrs.
    Humphrys will be the interviewer. Wonder if he will do the usual BBC brown-nose job?
    Probably not able to listen and would really like to hear Arrsers views on the interview.
  2. He wriggled and wriggled.

    Particulary sickened by his "our armed forces are the best in the world" comment.

    Are we having a sweepstake as to when he goes?
  3. Great interview, worth my licence fee for this alone. Right now I bet Bliar is thinking "Now I know why I normally to Richard and Judy type shows..."
  4. John Humphries pushed him quite hard and did not let him get away with most of his ridiculous assertions.

    The whole thing scared me though - the c*nt's either lying or deluded - my money's on the former
  5. As has become the norm for Humphrys (and Caroline Quinn) the chance of a good Today interview has been ruined by a tabloidesque attempt to get endless soundbites out of the interviewee.

    Interviews of this importance should be handled by Jim Naughtie or Ed Stourton.
  6. At one point, the interviewer said "The situation in Iraq is so dangerous that... you and Gordon Brown couldn't even go into... Basra."

    Blair replied "There are going to be problems with us going into Basra because of the groups that operate there."

    Sums it up I reckon.
  7. Was he talking about British forces.....?!
  8. not sure ANY group would welcome him :thumright: :threaten:
  9. Thanks everyone for your comments.
    I deduce that he did not come over as an inspiring Leader in the Henry V - Winston Churchill league then ?
    Again many thanks.
  10. He defiantly has ability of self delusion, probably more as a survival tool these days than to actually do anything. Still very loyal to George – don’t want to risk that Carlyle Group non exec Directorship now do we….
  11. 'Look lets just move on...'
  12. Or Paxman.
  13. Is that the same Naughtie who supports New Labour? Stourton would have been more forensic, true, but Humphrys is much more entertaining. My guess is that many here would already have a view as to the realities, so the Humphrys interview tends to be a sort of ritualised spectacle, anyway.
  14. However lacking in gravitas the interviewer might be, it's always good to listen to Bliar squirm. I thought Humphrys was quite reasonable compared to the badgering style of some of his interviews, but I was particluarly interested to hear two admissions during the PM's squirming that confirm that Bliar is definitely not fit for purpose any more.

    The first was that he still maintained that Saddam had been "a threat", despite of several attempts by Humphrys to remind him that no WMD were ever found. He didn't even try to wriggle out with the "20-20 hindsight" cliche, but maintained more than once that Saddam was definitely a threat. However, he couldn't (or didn't) articlulate who Saddam might have been threatening.

    The second pile of tripe that he iterated was his linking of 9/11 to Iraq. This tissue of lies had, I thought, been discredited by everyone with more than one brain cell resident outside the USA, and by quite a few inside the USA. For Bliar to trot this platitude out, he must have really felt that he was on the ropes.