Blair 'not ready to stand down'


Ministers are rallying round Tony Blair amid continuing speculation about his future.
Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon told BBC One's Breakfast with Frost he "did not recognise" newspaper stories suggesting the prime minister could quit.

Mr Hoon said the PM was "absolutely determined to see this job through".

Speculation had earlier been fuelled by John Prescott, who told The Times ministers were "positioning" themselves for when Mr Blair stepped down
There is a shedload you don't recognise isn't there Buff? The list is long and has been discussed here at length. Possibly because if Bluppet goes, you won't be far behind him will you? Can you hear the knives being sharpened Geoffery? Do they kep you awake at night? :twisted:

Anyway as HoonDog says, there is no threat to the personage of the Magnificent Mentor and his Multitudes of Marvel etc etc (I like that)

Move along now, nothing to see here 8O
Perhaps some one should read his assessments and show him the door.

Buff isn't aware that we are in Iraq....... and the ICRC...... is that a rhyme or summat?......... Wots a photograph?????............. Blair??? Who's he??? Where am I???? Who the fcuk am I????

Yeah... who the fcuk are you? YOU'RE A CLOWN

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