Blair: No plans to send more British troops to Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Jan 21, 2005.

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  1. We've already mentioned the planned withdrawal of certain other national contingents in the British-led MND, particularly the Dutch force, and implications for the Japanese contingent at Samawah.

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  3. Far more significant is the near collapse of the CS Div. The Ukrainians are leaving shortly, the Poles keep threatening to leave and if I understand correctly they will be leaving in May.

    Polish friends have told me the reason for committing troops was for the opportunities to be involved reconstruction. (An acceptable use of your soliders - prostitutes to US Army whilst your private companies go and grab the cash from the Yanks.)

    Sadly, the Poles are very upset that they have not won any major contracts and the troops have had some bad days at the hands of the Mechdi Army. The population is desperate for the troops to come home. No contracts...No Troops seems to the logic.

    With the Poles, Ukrainians, Spanish et al now leavening or gone from CS Div. A minimum of a Bde+, if not a Div- will be need to fill the gap. I wonder if TCH can find way of stretch the UK AOR??
  4. Yes, and I recall that the Poles and other MND CS nations (along with the Brits) were singled out for criticism by that cnut David Hackworth ("America's Most Decorated Soldier") in his "Coalition of the Chilling Out" piece a while back.

    Nice way to make the Poles feel it was all worthwhile.
  5. Hackle,

    Thanks for the link! I am going to do some Yank Baiting in a minute elsewhere. Also I'll have to ask my in-laws if they are happy picking up the tab in $ and manpower when the coalition goes home. They already complain about high taxes and no exit stratergy. $1Bn a day and climbing.

    Jes' this guy has a screw loose, mind you some of his points might be valid if he explained about diffrenet ROEs and that most civilised nations respect the Hague Convention and do not use 'Area Fire' in the vercinity of civilians....

    I'll go elsewhere, before moderater has a dig at me :twisted: :evil:
  6. Iraqi troops and police will be able to fill the gaps in the Polish led division AOR.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    And politicians will tell the truth, the pope will become an atheist and I will personally demonstrate how to nail jelly to the ceiling.

  8. I think the Iraqi police and military could take over the UK area entirely as the area seems to be stable. It's the Sunni areas that are beyond the ability of the Iraqi forces to control. This would send a powerful message that Iraq isnt being occupied.
  9. MND (S) and (CS) stable. :?: I not sure where you get that information from. :!: It is quieter than up north; but I am not sure that they are quiet ready to be left without squaddies to hold hands with.

    Back in a mo looking for link.
  10. msr

    msr LE

  11. They're stable as they think they'll get exactly what they want from the election. If they don't then stand by .... (The cynic would hope that they want exactly what the US wants to avoid unpleasantness)

    Plus we've shot a lot less of them unnecessarily.