Blair Middle East mission snubbed

Tony Blair's bid to revive the Middle East peace process has received a rebuff from Israel, The Observer has learned, placing in doubt his plans for a high-profile diplomatic mission to the region.

The cool Israeli response is likely to fan backbench criticism of the Prime Minister's handling of the Lebanon crisis in the run-up to next month's Labour party conference, with some critics pressing for him to name a date for his departure from Downing Street,,1854339,00.html

You'd think he would have got the message by now...

Tim Henman comes to mind!
Hands up all those surprised?

None? - Thought so.

.....and I can just see him spluttering to Levy "But I've always helped and been friendly and bent over backwards for Israel, why are they doing this?"

Because they want to speak to the the Organ grinder Prime Minister, he plays the tune they like.

Just the two of us......

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