bLair meets British troops in Helmand

Was once at the launch of something or other when I was asked if I would have my pic taken 'for the press boys, with the minister'. I'm very happy to report that I replied I was somewhat fussy who I had my picture taken with and declined. When said minister (two pies prescott) was told, he looked over at me with a look that said,'do you think I really feckin care'.
Photo caption competition:

Picture 3.

Not everyone was in attendance - the bearded wild-looking men of the Brigade Reconnaissance Force had not been selected for this one

These are the BBC's Alastair Leithead's words from his report of the PM's visit - albeit, nothing to do with the picture... :D

Picture 1.

Hmmmmm! So you're NOT from the elite Brigade Reconnaissance Force then..... ?

Picture 4.

So, if you're not from the Brigade Reconnaissance Force, just what do you do?

Picture 5.

- Is this Camp Butlins?
- No! This is Camp Bastion, try looking over there.
- Thanks!

Picture 2.

Swollendonkey said:
And NOT ONE member of the govenment has sent a condolance card to my Mum following the death of my sister in Iraq!
Not ONE!
Me... Bitter???
And now they have.
The PM sent on the day I posted the above and Millibank (or whatever) sent one which arrived the day of Sharrons funeral stating "I was out of the country".
What no news, telephones or mail?

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