bLair meets British troops in Helmand

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    So the great leader has gone to meet our boys......

    Tony Blair says British troops will stay in Afghanistan until their job is done and has praised its president for the "remarkable progress" made there.

    He told reporters he believed Afghan people deserved to live in a democratic country without oppression. ....

    Photo op to boost his popularity or to make him feel good???
  2. Perhaps they could send him on patrol and (cough) give him the wrong grid for the RV.....
  3. This is a surprisingly quiet thread... had it been anyone else, particularly a Royal... I think I'd have seen a load of "good on ya's" by now.

    Tough one eh?
  4. Maybe he gets Triple Air Miles for flying Afghanistan?
  5. Ah, but the Royal family doesn't make the decision to send our troops into combat, decide how much they're willing to spend on said troops, *allegedly* lie about the reasons for committing said troops to combat, et cetera, ad nauseam...

    Given bLiar's track record, I'm highly suspicious of any seemingly caring act he performs - remember, a pat on the back is only a recce for a dagger!
  6. Well he did turn up without the Helicopters, AFV's, 800 extra lads etc that HAVE been requested, but probably did leave an IOU in the sand.

    I think the silence is something to do with that.
  7. I think they should have told him to poke off until he comes good on the promise of giving the guys on ops the kit they need.
  8. Why did Bliar all the way to Afghanistan to meet troops who've been involved in fighting the Taleban? He could have gone up the road to Birmingham, and visited some of them in hospital.

    Tut. Silly me - the Dear Leader doesn't visit the wounded, does he...
  9. He could have popped into Colchester, Aldershot or any of the other garrisons where members of 3 Para BG have just returned to. Or is it their opinions are already beyond their sell-by-date?

    Instead, he decides to launch himself into the midst of a battleground - after it's quietened down enough to make it safe - and disrupt either ongoing operations, or precious R&R, or both! How many troops found themselves 'volunteered' as audiance? How many staff officers have been hounded to make the trip 'a success'?

    If he really cared, I'd applaud his actions. This trip is nothing more than a photo opportunity and a chance for his private soapbox to become the centre of media attention! :x

    PS. Maybe he's checking out a bolt-hole for when Yates of the Yard comes knocking. :wink:
  10. Whatever happened to fragging?

    (For those old enough to remember VietNam!)
  11. VB,

    Photo opportunity isn't the same with the injured effects of your policies. Injured soldiers as a photo opportunity would spoil the legacy and our Illustrious Leader's ostrich like refusal to acknowledge the consequences of his actions. Far easier for a coward to face fit soldiers doing your bidding rather than the broken ones who have sacrificed much for your ill thought out and resourced wars.
  12. How did he arrive in Afghanistan? I'd wager it wasn't in a knackered TriStar after camping out for 3 days at Brize Norton while the bits that fell off were replaced.
  13. Indeed. I wonder if the photos will just show Royal Marines, or whether a few Fijians and Ghurkas will have been shipped in for the usual 'right on' image.

    I shall look forward to the inevitable grovelling puff piece in Soldier, the monthly journal of MOD spin (despite the risible claims of editorial freedom).
  14. Might have been a genuine visit to drop off their christmas card personally and to tell them he will be thinking of them while he is having christmas at home with his family.
  15. Bad drills from this snapper. :wink: Apart from the female bun bottom right, it all looks a bit too white and testosterone for the PC crowd. Or is that an overtanned neck and ears bottom left?


    PS. Let's not forget, he didn't go all the way to Afghanistan to meet the troops. He only hopped across the border from Pakistan where he's been chatting to the locals. Helmand to Kabul via RAF Herc. What brought him in from Pakistan? Don't know?