Blair makes surprise Iraq visit

To say sorry?
Notice how the rhetoric on Iraq, changes between Sedgefield and Washington.

I don't suppose there's any chance Blair will stay out there for the remainder of his time - much easier to just visit these war zones as a 24 hour tourist, then work out there for six or twelve months.

Look forward to the "progress in Iraq, democracy, come here to witness with my own eyes, insurgency is to blame for everything in Iraq" soundbite later today, preferably flanked by as many soldiers as possible. - Lucky people!

You fcuked up Blair - No Falklands Factor for you, prick.
I do hope someone asks him again "Excuse me sir, are you the Prime Minister?" Without the follow up wah this time.

Prick should stay there (married accompanied), apologise to the Iraqi people and ensure that his great vision for their Nation is realised. Least he owes them and hopefully they'll express their gratitude accordingly.
Hopefully one of the soldiers protecting him will have an uncontrollable rush of conscience, redirect his weapon, do what he's trained to do, and go down in history.
Probably needed more photos for the book he's bound to write.Wonder what it'll be called.....

"Blair,The lieing years"

Any advance?
Maybe hes looking for property to settle in the area, after all hes so convinced things are better since HE liberated Iraq.
Cant someone slip him an 'I'm Harry' teeshirt and have him do a walkabout down the bazaar?
I wonder if his son is with him or too worried his dad might leave him there.
Perhaps he's there in order to catch an inbound mortar round on the forehead, leaving those standing around him miraculously unscathed....
MrPVRd said:
Perhaps he's there in order to catch an inbound mortar round on the forehead, leaving those standing around him miraculously unscathed....
He fcuked that up aswell then. :twisted:
Bliar is a hypocritical lowlife.

Mr Blair, speaking after talks with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki and President Jalal Talabani, told the news conference: "There are mortar attacks and terrorist attacks happening every day, that's the reality".

"The question is, what are we going to do in the face of these attacks"?

"The answer is, we don't give in to them".
The reality is that Bliar believed he could invade another soveriegn nation, try to impose his undemocratic political will on it, and was too niaive to appreciate that change must be willed by the people of that nation.

The reality is that Bliar has displayed gross incompetance, his behaviour has been duplicitous, and he has LIED to Parliament and the British Electorate.

Bliars determination not to give in to terrorism is clearly portrayed on our own doorstep at Stormont. :evil: :evil: :evil:
I hear on BBC news just now, that - when questioned about deteriorating security, at a press conference in the Green Zone, shortly after after 3 rockets had exploded there - B'liar became angry and snapped at reporters "you are not qualified to comment".

"That's rich" says I to myself.

Sadly, I have not been able to find a recording of the little shit making a fool of himself, so if anyone else out there should know of a site where I can find one, I'd much appreciate a link.
In my view this vile man is now using the graves of good men as stepping stones to further his own interests. Anybody with shred of decency would never even have considered such a vile PR stunt.

Mr Blair's visit to Baghdad comes on the same day that former US President Jimmy Carter lambasted the PM for his "blind" support of the Iraq war, saying it had been a "major tragedy for the world".

The outgoing Prime Minister's relationship with President George Bush appeared to have been "subservient" and "abominable", Mr Carter said
I dont understand what he is trying to achieve with such a disrespectful act.
He couldnt be bothered to attend any repatriation ceremonies or anything like that, so why is he bothering to make out like he gives a shite now.
I hold him in utter contempt, as a previous poster pointed out he is now using the sacrifices of others for his own gain.

Blair, no matter what you do now to try and make your pathetic 'legacy' seem anything other than a complete shambles, it will never deter from the fact you are a lying, deceptive and a downright pathetic excuse for a leader of this once great nation.
The only 'legacy' you will leave behind is how you destroyed Great Britain.

Well we have just had Tony's speech in Div HQ: predictably he thanked us all for being here and explained how terrorism was a global threat and hence that was why we were here (that will be the collective 'we' then Tony?).

I am afraid that there was no IDF today due to the increase security/patrolling during his visit - shame really as I would love to see him dive to the floor in panic.

You can bet that he won't be staying overnight for the normal 2am rude awakening.

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