Blair legacy will last?


Too fcuking right it will. It's not going to be a good legacy like he claims there though.

More schools - pah. Half the classrooms where I work are mobiles and they have absolutely no funding for anymore. A good majority of the other classrooms are from the 1930s, badly shaped, poorly organised and energy ineffecient (like the mobiles...).
Those schools in my LEA that are having new buildings have been through an awful PFI contract that was cancelled, reallocated and it will take a miracle for the buildings to be ready on time and be of an acceptable standard.

Hospitals: I do believe NHS waiting lists have been cut generally across the board (even excluding the way they get fiddled). However the huge cost due to PFIs and excessive poor management may not be worth it.

Anti-social behaviour? Who's he fcuking kidding. Since Blair came in kids have got far worse as have adults.

N.Ireland peace process - he finished something the previous government put all the hard work into, then rolled over on his back and let Sinn Fein pat his tummy while he says what wonderful people Gerry Adams et al. are. He disgusts me (Blair that is. Adams et al. make me want to hurt them).

Iraq - enough said

Afghanistan - Enough said

Army now under 100,000 and lowest funding levels since 1930s

Taxation and public service spending: more taxes, higher taxes; wouldn't mind if there weren't massive ineffeciencies in the public sector. Made worse by PFI/PPP. The trains are now subsidised by four times what British Rail used to cost to run.

Prison system: more people in prison than ever: you know what, I don't really mind that, but build some more prisons!

I could go on.

Anyone want to list what "good things" they think T.Blair has done in his tenure as P.M?

Off top of my head: Sierra Leonne, Kosovo, "Inclusion" and "Every child matters", work on child poverty (but only threw money at problem), at least attempted something with NHS instead of carrying on Tory privatisation of everything.
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Blair and Bush's legacy will be akin to the lingering effect of stepping in dog excrement... just when you think you have it cleaned off, that foul odor will occur and the cleansing process will have to be reapplied.
Quote from the BBC page linked by Crabby:

He said he had become a "different type of politician" during his 10 years in Downing Street.
This claims to be a summary of his 1983 campaign address in Sedgefield. He certainly has changed his tune!!!



Some legacy...



nanny state politics

Self serving politicians

"Tony's Cronies"
Aye Blairy Boy....

........ That’ll be a legacy of increasing National Debt thanks to those very poorly run PFI's and rising Tax to pay for it all. Oh and not forgetting an increasing feeling that even Belgium is ahead in World Standing.............

The only good thought is an outside hope that between Blair and Brown they have finally driven the nails into Labour making it unelectable for the next zillion years....

Oh and I hope we can come after both Blair and Brown for that 2 Billion quid allegedly lost on the great Gold giveaway.......
I wasn't alive in 1983...

One problem I see is party policy and party voting. That was the official line of the Labour party in 1983 - if you want to be an MP you tow the party line at least until you're in. Voting against your party's wishes is sneered up.

Therefore it is very very rare that a politician, especially cabinet/shadow cabinet grows a pair and a set of morals and votes against his or her party.
Obviously later on this comes back to bite them.

The smoking ban was one of the few votes that was a "free vote" - it was passed as an overwhelming majority.

The Tories have been trying to distance themselves from Iraq - even though they voted in support (the majority of the party). If they had been free to vote with their own thoughts and those wishes of their constituents there would be MPs who could turn around now and say "I told you so" without the record of having voted for the Iraq war.

Basically what I'm saying is that in this respect Blair is no worse than any other cabinet or shadow cabinet MP. Look at the huge difference in what Cameron stands for now compared to a couple of years ago (just for the record, I think he's more dangerous than Blair).

Blair wasted his opportunity early on to make real and lasting changes when he had a huge majority; instead he resorted to these "big ideas" after his support started waning, had to "bend the truth" and has become like Thatcher in her last days: he has a belief he is untouchable and always right.

Remember Blair was voted in with a landslide victory. The country was sick of privatisation, sick of sleaze (in retrospect Major's lot were pretty well behaved), Black Wednesday (£3.3bn lost in one day, even worse than Gordon Brown's latest £2bn c0ck up) and a desire for change. Many people who had never voted Labour did in this election, he destroyed their faith in politics and the ambition to have Britain as a great country.
If Bliar had stepped down in 2005 when many still gave him the benefit of the doubt on Iraq, he could now say that the Iraq debacle was not his fault as he was no longer in charge. Instead, he has hung on by his fingernails and will be firmly blamed for the lies, the invasion and the botched occupation. His other legacy will be destroying the Labour party, particularly in Scotland where they face massacre in a few weeks.
Bliar is a deluded embarresment that will be quickly airbrushed out of history, his legacy, if you can dignify it as such, is to leave behind a public frame of mind that instantly thinks that the government is lying whenever it open's it's mouth. A civil service that has been openly dragged into political partisanship, government by a backroom cabal system that would not be out of place in an absolute monarchy, perhaps Bliar thinks he's Louis XIV, with Alister Crumble ( whom for all his power and influence, I can't remember him having to go through that tedious little process of actually being elected to anything by a public vote) as Richelieu. Put that together with a health service that has shortages of everything but layers of middle management and management consultants, an army that I believe from today's papers now has to send out for pizza in a combat zone ( what tha F*** is that about??) Now add an atmosphere of rampant PC-ness where people are getting too scared even to make eye contact in the street. Yes that is a fine legacy. As for the son the Broons of Glebe Street won't talk about, as bad if not worse, the vanishing Chancellor of Dunfirmline, what a fine upstanding example that is, any sh** flying towards a fan? Puff of smoke and he's gone. I am going to stop now as I am in danger of becomming angry.

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