Blair lapping it up

Tony Bliar was lapping up all the adulation of his sycophantic parasites when he gave his final speech. Pity nobody could spare a thought for all those who have died in Iraq, Afghanistan and other theatres. The nerve of the man especially when he was pictured with his family. Send your sons and daughter out there you wan*er.Sorry just felt like a rant.
:x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :frustrated:
Blair reminds me of a man who when he's obviously wrong cannot be told he's wrong. He ignores the truth and realises what he wants to believe. So does his pig ugly wife. I think they genuinely believe they are well liked. Like the General paying the Unit a visit. He must think the military is cleaner and tidier than NHS hospitals (probably is actually) when in fact the world is spruced up to meet their perception. Duh, where's this leading?
Balls. I was hoping this would be about battery acid.

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