Blair jet faced Israeli warplanes

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EX_STAB, May 23, 2008.

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  1. I'm no fan of the Israeli's tendency to overreact but if there was one occasion that they could have just jumped the gun... :roll:

    Any better scenarios for the death of Bliar?
  2. Bloody Israelis just cost the UK alcoholic drinks market 2 Billion quid.
  3. Competent flight management check in advance what the entry and contact requirements are.

    Entry requirements are available to all operators as routine info.

    This smells of shite flight management being dressed up as a minor scandal to make Blier a "HERO".

    I can smell the bulls crapping from this distance.
  4. what ever happened to shoot first ask questions later
  5. Just when you want another USS Liberty style scenario...foiled again!
  6. i want him to get bitten by a rabid fox, or blown up by an animal rights extremist.
  7. Hmm... Nice!

    Any more?
  8. Bliar and Cherie-frog-chops get skanked by a rampaging mob of Chavs in a happy slapping attack gone wrong.

    and its posted on you-tube in all its gory glory.
  9. Dammit! Why couldn't have been some third world rabble rather than the Israelis? 'Me finger just slipped guv, honest, thats why I put 300 rounds of 20mm into his plane!'

    As for 'Fantasy Blair Death' b*ggered to death by pack of enraged baboons?
  10. Lacks the irony of him, say, dying of MRSA whilst being treated for injuries inflicted in an asylum seekers riot....
  11. Surely time travel is required ...

    While dancing to "Things can only get better" Prescot suffered from a bulimia attack - puked on Blairs feet - he slipped and smashed his head open ...
  12. Run over by a steamroller?
  13. 'dying of MRSA whilst being treated for injuries inflicted in an asylum seekers riot.... '

    LOL, nice one EX_STAB, what about bleeding to death whilst left in a side corrdor at an NHS hopsital, forgotten by doctors cos they're too busy filling out paperwork?
  14. Just typical, in the good old days the radios on the jets would have been knackered and they'd have done us all a favour...flaming modern technology :evil:
  15. Sentanced to death by the European Court of Justice for breaching our Human Rights?

    Sentance to be carried out by a squad of policeman whose time and resources have been 'prioritised' away from the policing the streets?