Blair Issues Warning To Iran Leader

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MOD_Oracle, Oct 28, 2005.

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  1. and where the feck to we get the troops from to go bashing Iran? Oh I know..we'll chop another 3000 coz that "will make us more effective" (to quote some top brass wallah)
  2. Consult me about English language please!

    Of course it is right. Israel is a real threat to Iran but I suspect that something else was meant.

    Btw, mr.Blair has many options. He could break trade and even diplomatic relations with Iran. Without real actions words remain only words.
  3. I swear Blair has a messiah complex - it's not the Mullahs in Tehran that scare me it's Blair and Bush.
  4. British trade with Iran is worth billions, Iranian trade with Britian is only worth millions - who has more to lose?
    There are reports that Iran has already imposed unoffical sanctions against Britain.
  5. Yes. The headline refers to the fact that Iran has called for Israel to be destroyed. Iran has threatened Israel. Blair isn't too happy about that threat and is warning Iran that just because the World is busy dealing with other problems doesn't mean it will not take action against Iran.
  6. And afterwards...don't forget that Bush still wants to trample Syria !!
  7. Only saw the BBC news coverage of TCB's speech - he looked pretty unconvincing. Maybe having to face all his doubters made him doubt the words even as he was saying them. Or maybe he could hear Gordon Brown's words in his ear 'no more dosh for weapons'.
  8. Yes, of course, in context of current events it is obvious what really UPI meant. I asked to analyse the phrase from fromal point of view, from point of view of fine English language. Let's look at this example:

    In 1991 U.K warned Kuwait over Iraq threat.

    Is it possible to understand this phrase as the UK warned Kuwait not to threat Iraq?

    PS. My previous post was about linguistics only.
  9. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    There is so much b0ll0cks flying about on the US relationship with Iran.....anyone remember this bloke?

    We're not talking about a memo saying 'I need a bathroom break' here- this guy( a reserve Air Force Colonel) passed over 80 classified documents over to these two fellers, including 37 Top Secret items, some of which originated with the CIA.

    Supposing it had been a false flag op and these guys were actually channelling the material to Sergei's mates or China ?
    Imagine the headlines if he'd been passing the same material to two Syrian friends.....

    Colonel Franklin will probably get off with a fine . .....He should be shot, for betraying his country - ideally in the middle of that bit of greenery at the heart of the Pentagon, pour encourager les autres

    ( Okay Neo, who's going to be the first to label me an anti-Semite - for daring to raise the issue of how much influence Israel wields on US Foreign policy ? Is it any wonder the US can't get any decent HUMINT in ME , when potential friends know their material is going to get passed straight on to Israel ?)

    Lee Shaver
  10. What has our dear leader got against the Arabs/Muslims? Is it something to do with the vast and powerful Jewish lobby in America?

    Before he goes off on another American sponsored power trip in the Iranian direction, why the fcuk does he not give us an opportunity to go and rattle the charming Mr Robert Mugabe's cage, and winkle that nasty little git out of his present surroundings?

    I'm sorry if it offends anyone (in fact, no I'm not), but I have more than a touch of sympathy with the Iranian position on the occupied Palestinian homeland at the moment known to some as Israel.

    Now, before the less well read of you start bleating on about the holocaust and anti-semitism - stow it for a while, and swot up on your history.

    I am against the principal of a Zionist state. I am not against people who adhere to the Jewish faith. The Jewish faith is generally a good thing - after all it spawned 'our' own. Christ started his life, and indeed, ended it as a Jew.

    We, the allies, were chinless and short sighted at the end of WW2. And it is as a result of those disasterous policies, and the subsequent dreadful terrorist campaign (lest we forget) prosecuted against the British by Zionist extremists that led to the formation of what is now Israel. Yesterdays terrorists are tomorrows statesmen.

    Why can't people see why the Palestinians are so pi$$ed off? They've been hoofed out of where they lived, and were forced into a nomadic, homeless, stateless, refugee situation, not of their choosing. It is fashionable to hop up and down wailing about ethnic cleansing and apartheid when its close to home, (Balkans, Africa, Northern Ireland, North America). Why not Palestine?

    So, let's call for the abolition of the Zionist state of Israel. And reform the place as a secular all encompassing all embracing multifaith/racial/cultural country for those concerned. How far fetched is that? Think about it - that's what we've got (after a fashion....).
  11. Got you now.

    Your right by themselves both phrases can have double meanings but thats why the context of the phrase is so important.
    The struture of the English language (as with most languages) allows for this phenomenon.
  12. Aha! perhaps that's what the new Iraqi army's being trained for.

    I believe they have modest experience in this particular field. :wink:
  13. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Mr Bliar's comments don't seem to have put the Iranians off:

    "Iran stands firm on Israel remark

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to power earlier this year
    Iran has defended its president's call for Israel to be "wiped off the map", saying this has been its foreign policy since the 1979 Islamic revolution.
    Ahead of an anti-Israel rally in Tehran, Foreign Minister Manoucher Mottaki said Iran did not recognise the "illegitimate Zionist regime".

    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's words provoked international outrage, but Muslim countries have not reacted."
  14. Why just America? Bliar has recently been criticised for rewarding, with peerages, several prominent donors to the Labour Party, a number of whom are Jews.

    Then there's the existing gang (all unelected): Lord Sainsbury, Pansy Mandelson, Lord Levy, Lord Mishcon et al. Whilst I don't believe there's a Jewish conspiracy, I do think that Bliar allows himself to be guided too much by a distinct special interest group.

    I'm not sure, though, that the Celestial Navigator has a downer on Arabs and Muslims; after all, he wouldn't wish to jeopardise the votes they give him, or the money donated to Neue Arbeit by wealthy Muslims either. It is an amazing balancing act, trying to keep them all happy so they'll vote for him and keep donating.