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Blair in the Dock at the Hauge?


Without the prospect of a second UN resolution and Kofi Annan saying any miliatary action against Iraq without UN backing would be illegal, would we see Blair stood next to Milosovich in the Hague?


It's about time we started ignoring the UN, every other fckuing country on the planet seems to be able to do so, then when we go after the bastards for not complying, we get done ourselves.  Not least of all by our own countrymen, traitorous b#stards, pissing off to stand in the way of our bombs and bullets, then chickening out when things start to look a bit hairy, not entirely relevant but these do-gooders really get on my t1ts!  


Any attempt to put TB and Geo W in the dock over this one should be met with stern resistance.  Time to allow common sense to triumph over the bleeding heart liberals who would have no free press or courts were it not for the likes of TB and GWB and their predecessors


Yes it true there is a god and it aint you!!
 pile im sorry mate but I did laugh when I read your post, who is it you suggest are not complying with UN resolutions, is it Israel, did you go after them, is it Pakistan or India, why havent you gone after them, is it Turkey/Cyprus, why havent you gone after them, I could literally go on forever here but just to keep it short, many many nations are in still in and will continue to be in breach of UN resolutions. Just like British law if someone breaks into your home and you injure then using inappropriate force, then you are liable to prosecution, international law is even more complicated, what I want to know is what is our right to be judge, jury and executioner to the worlds nations. None mate none.
And to flash bang are you suggesting that anything Bush and Blair do should be above international law, if so do are you suggesting that they now rule the world, MY GOD I hope not :-/ :-/

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