Blair in Pakistan

So, what in the name of Jimmy Hill is Tony Blair doing in Pakistan this weekend? It's hardly as if he hasn't spoken to Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf recently - Tony was first in the queue at Waterstones as his recent book signing tour reached London, and they had a cosy fireside chat at Number Ten on who'd be the best publisher to approach for Tony's post-resignation memoirs.

It appears that so concerned is our Tony that Pakistan's not entirely on-message in the Global War on Terror (TM) that he's gone out there in person, with a large suitcase full of ready cash to help our Pakistan allies reform Islamic schools that may be turning out people who are a bit out of order.

That's your taxes, going to a country that can afford to build a nuclear weapon. Right.

We've got nothing against foreign aid. Foreign aid is A Good Thing when properly directed to those who need it. This is foreign aid for political capital, however, but nothing's out of the question between two governments with so little shame.

It would have nothing to do with Mirza Tahir Hussain's sudden release from prison this week, at the grace of President Pervez Musharaaf, who, up until very recently, was complaining that the whole affair was out of his hands. Nothing whatsoever, so, any exchange between the PM and the President by text message (the secure medium of choice in the world of diplomacy) would certainly not have gone like this:

Blair - Plz to reles M T Hssn frm prsn
Pervez - No! Soree!

Blair - Y not?
Pervez - Plz to send munee for wr n Trrism

Blair - OK! And Crzy Frg ringtone
Pervez - LOL

Still there's nothing wrong with a bit of red hot discussion if it's going to bring Pakistan back into the fold and sell a few of Pervez' books in to the bargain. Anything, anything to divert attention from Tony's Iraq Disaster gaffe.

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