Blair: Idiot

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumpelstiltskin, Jan 21, 2008.

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    Good article.
  2. Blair was blindly following his then mentor GWB across the pond by then and nothing was going to stop him joining in the invasion of Iraq.

    The UK government even went on to dream up the lie about WMD being able to be fired at Britain at 45 miniutes notice.

    Blair has gained personally from this invasion with his nibs now being able to give after dinner speeches in the USA for a reputed 125 grand for a 35 miniute talk.

    Nice"work" in you can get it.
  3. I always thought the man was a shallow intellect backed up by superficial understanding but it's nice to hear it confirmed.

    At the risk of repeating myself on every thread that mentions him, what a cunt.
  4. 'Idiot'. Probably the kindest description I've read about this appalling man.
  5. To be fair to Blair, I believed that the Iraqi population was opressed and Sadan Hussain was trying to both increase his acces to NBC weapons whilst already possesing chemical weapons.
  6. Not just Blair:
    I'm afraid this episode indicates we are governed by a class of man more concerned with being on message than the well being of the country. Blair after all was a smooth, inspirational and very shallow politician somewhat in awe of DC's seemingly limitless power. He lacked the intellectual equipment and time to be any sort of regional expert. It's the civil service mandarins that are meant to be really on top of this stuff and keep cabinet informed.

    Blaming The Cousins seems to have been Whitehall's main response. Failure of system. Needs fixing. Sacking would be appropriate. They'll probably all just get a K instead.
  7. Rather proves the point that Blair is actually not all that bright, and I think his head/house master at Fettes alluded to this several years ago.
  8. At the end of the day, this country, in a state of apathy, voted this idiot into office. I don't know the voting figures but he came to power and we have been in a downward spiral ever since. He wanted to be a world player but, for gods sake, we are not a main player any more.
  9. But the mandarins have been progressively politicised to ensure they remain 'on message'. They've been specifically selected to put toeing the party political line above expressing an informed opinion, even where they've got the experience to have such a thing.
  10. Sack a few of them. That'll learn em.
  11. And if you think Blair was bad I suggest you read Tom Bower's biography of Gordon Brown, what a f*cking loony he is!!!
  12. I do. British Parliamentary elections are decided by about 80,000, mainly white, middle-class voters in the key marginals. That's the root of the scandal surrounding Britain's political class and their activities on our behalf. All other problems flow from there. It’s a political dysfunction of mandate and legitimacy striking to the very bedrock of Parliament.

    It's a dangerous position for a large, nuclear-tipped democracy (sic) to be in. It's also a national humiliation for a country which, bar the ancient Greeks, invented the damn stuff (democracy) and died in droves during WW2 to defend it.

    People get the politicians they deserve...

    Was Blair a working barrister for any length of time before becoming a full- time politican? If so, his clients and erstwhile colleagues would have insights into his intellectual equipment.

    My feeling is he’s very sharp, but with fatal blind spots. But I’m still at a loss to understand why he ‘climbed up Bush’s arse and stayed there.’ It can’t just be a financial motive - US lecture circuit etc., - and I also can’t believe he became a bona fide religious nutter.
  13. Got a link for that please?
  14. Overview:


    ERS analysis of 2001 election:

    The 80,000 figure is controversial. Some people say 800,000, others (e.g. Blair) 'a few hundred'. It's a total mess and very, very dangerous as these people are passing laws which they expect everyone to obey. Where's their mandate, their authority to legislate?
  15. Thanks for the links.

    I was wondering where you got the "..white & mainly middle class.." bit from?

    Also,regards the electoral reform website, the "vote at 16" and "Lib Dems speak out on electoral reform" curtailed further reading. There's also something about a society such as the ERS trying to change the way the UK votes,which comes across as very,err,undemocratic? 8O

    Edited 4 grama an spellin.