Blair- I would be delighted if my children served in Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Heywood_Jablowme, Apr 26, 2007.

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    Does Ewan know it's dry?

    Edited to add link and quote - PTP
  2. Actually he said Tie Rack.

    It's all that time spent in the company of GWB.
  3. Mr Blair,

    You sick fcuking weasle politican.

    1. No parent is delighted that there kid is in Iraq - they might be proud that kid is in Iraq.

    2. You of course caveat that with the view that it is their choice, of course.

    Fcuk me I did not think you could stoop that low.

    **** you, fcuk off under a stone, and never every mention Iraq or parenting agian, your comment proves you have no right to express a view on either.
  4. Funny smell about this statement, hmmm is it sheep, um no, pig, um no, cow, well getting close, no its definitely Bullsh1t
  5. Seconded. :x
  6. Words almost fail me- the lying cnut has surely hit rock bottom with this statement. I can only assume that he is now without a shadow of a doubt certifiable and should be sectioned for the good of the country.
  7. If only it were that simple . . . . 8) :(

    The smarmy canute. :evil:
  8. Does anyone remember the Michael Moore episode were he asked the US senators if they would send their pampered rich kids to Iraq. Out of 100 of them only 2 had serving sons and the rest looked appalled at the suggestion. For elite scumbags war is something for poor people to get involved with.
  9. Ditto
  10. I cannot possibly pass comment on the man(?)'s statement as I am sure the moderators or net nazis would remove it.

    Words really do fail me.
  11. Which Mess will that be in then?
  12. I heard the lying weasel on the radio and he sounded most unconvincing.

    As pointed out, it is an insult to those who have family in harm's way. Perhaps he could bring himself to visit bereaved families or the wounded, if he so "delighted" by military service.

    I am sure Bliar would never place politics over the welfare of his children, would he? :roll: Remember Gummer, his daughter and that burger?

    Mind you, if there was a candidate that would benefit from a stint in the Army, it would be young Euan.

  13. Well seens as his children are very unliely to fight in any war, he can quite easily make that statement.

    Totally agree with what jail says. Who on earth would be delighted??
  14. I am lost for words! :pissedoff: