Blair & his World Tour

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pox_Dr, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. Blair & his World Tour at Taxes Payers expense continues, but what is it achieving for the country other than arranging his after dinner speaking sessions for the future.

    Shouldn’t he be paying for this jaunt out of his own pocket?

  2. I cant belive that the press isnt going all guns at this blatent misuse of public funds but then BB8 is on so i guess untill that waste of paper air time and bandwidth is over the Dear leader can continue.....i wonder which potemkin villages in the UK he intends to visit............bLiar=CNUT
  3. As a taxpayer, I'm livid he's getting away with this. I could always kinda understand the realpolitik that kept the press from criticising him when he was on the crest of the wave, but surely to God, now, he's a sitting duck?! So why aren't they tearing him a new policy outlet?

    On the other hand, anything that gets him out of the country has to be worth the price...
  4. Yes in deed at least if he's abroad he isnt at 10 Downing Street fcuking things up for the forces. There is probably more risk of him being kidnapped or attacked whilst he's doing this tour so I think he needs to stay on it for longer. Im sure he wont be putting any dodgy claims in for expenses, I wonder if MPs have the JPA system :?
  5. Can't see the media barons killing their little cash cow just yet, can you?