Blair hates our Corps... obviously.

Can you fucking believe this???

No I can't either... :D


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Thing is it would be believed
Made me laugh though...


Glad to see my tax's arn't wasted, there's a man with talent 8) & I thought the truth had come out at last.
Quote: There has been no comment at this time from the Intelligence Corps…

Well there wouldn't be would there, not with all the planning for Ladies Day! Incidentally, is the Ladies Day including top tips for supermarket shopping?
CRmeansCeilingReached said:
g2_loony_bin said:
Can you fucking believe this???

No I can't either... :D

busy day over there then G2LB? :)

If you look at the time it was posted it was close of play. That news articcle took me 5 mins to make... erm... find... :D
CRmeansCeilingReached said:
perhaps you would be interested in promoting brecon's new charity calendar?

well, if it worked for that Womens Institute... ;)

I think we would have to consider the mental health of the whole of ICA if we advertised that. 8O Still we might even get banned from publishing it altogether (no pun intended).

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