Blair hails Col. Gaddhafi on trip to Libya

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taz_786, May 29, 2007.

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    Ahhhh yesterday's enemies, tomorrow's friends eh?

    Leaving aside the fact Gaddhafi is still an odious tyrant who sent tons of kit to the Provos, I dont suppose there was any pressure for democratic reform amongst all the arrse-licking?

    Looks like Libya is getting fast-track entry into Bliar's 'arc of moderation' along with the Saudis.

    Not that BP and BAE will be complaining of course!

    Democracy, shemocracy...what a farce.
  2. Pan Am, Lockerbie
    Blair is a prize tw@t with a short memory.
  3. It sickens me when the pursuit of wealth overrides ones principles to such an extent that a highly respected politician lowers himself to shake the hand of a murderous, deceitful and wicked tyrant.

    Gaddafi should be aware he's got an image to think about. He should have taken advice before going anywhere near this tw@t.
  4. Jagman I think its called "politicians memory" or in medical terms "selective memory loss".
  5. ****.......
  6. Not to mention a WPC in St James's Square outside the Libyan Embassy.
    This b'stards now on a week long jollt to visit all his friends in Africa, is he pooping in Zimbabwe to see Bob now that he's leaving just so that Bob knows that with TB's permission he carry on killing the masses.
  7. There seems nobody this odious dictator (thats bliar by the way) wont shake hands with, job on the board of BP Tony? :x
  8. Blair is only doing what we all would be at this stage in his career and that is networking. He is just travelling around the world trying to ensure he can scrape a few coffers together once he is an OAP by showing off what hes good at. Now with some of his actions in the last ten years he might not be as good as Gaddhafi or Saddam but has a lot of promise in being able to build his nest egg at the expence of the public a bit like those two. Give him chance he might only start at a junior position but if was given more time like those two in charge of the country could of become just as good a Tyrant. When is he off to Korea and china?

    Gotta keep off the John smiths.
  9. Watched something on the same lines on Sky this afternoon. Showed a map of Africa showing everywhere the smiling gimp is popular because he (invariably "we" the armed forces) has done some sort of "good deed". Would of been interesting to stick a map of the UK next to map of Africa to show everything he's b*ll*xed up to put it into perpesctive :x
  10. Birds of a feather and all that, surprised? Not really.
  11. When I heard this I nearly stacked the car into the arm-co at J16 south... You have got to be sh1ting me, for a moment I thought the BBC had adopted the waahhh nonsense...??!!
    Yet another wasted opportunity to rid the planet of two fcukes at once !!!! :pissedoff:

    WHO THE FCUK ARE YOU (both are thinking it)
  13. There's arse-licking and then there's ARRSE-licking:

    Isnt there an international campaign underway to clear these poor medics? :roll:

    And by not even acknowledging their plight, hasnt the cnt just dropped them right into the sh*tter?
  14. Do you REALLY think Blair is on the same level as a middle Eastern dictator? (NB. though his wife does get the perks :roll: )

    And while we are on the subject of making deals with murders, does anyone here wish to withdraw from the Good Friday Agreement for the sake of a painful handshake?
  15. RIP WPC Yvonne Fletcher.

    Lest we forget.