Blair guilty of deliberately misleading Parliament

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PapaGolf, Jun 24, 2012.

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  1. So the ****'s been found to have mislead Parliament over Iraq. Big ******* deal! Who ******* cares, really? Are they going to stick the ******* scumbag in prison, are they going to shallow grave his rancid wife, then sling him up from Tower Bridge like he ******* deserves? No, this ******* inquiry will keep costing Us millions, all the while the Joker gets to keep on coining it in. What a load of ******* shit!
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  2. Got a link?

    At the very least it prevents some hammer horror like return to the European political scene - which he's still keen on.
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  3. I'll find it. W/O
  4. Well, it is no surprise really. The **** has been misleading everyone including parliament on a lot of things.....well everything really.
  5. I'm not sure Claire Short's opinion counts for an awful lot, considering she's also a total knob. Not exactly a conclusive legal judgement is it?
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  6. Apparently, the Pope does indeed wear a pointy hat, and Ursids do defecate in woods.
  7. AS AR surely?

    ZBM 2
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  8. Clare Short? Isn't she the Cabinet Member who postured and threatened to resign, then didn't? (Not until Robin Cook had led the way anyway).
    IMHO not a lot to choose between them. Hypocrites both.
  9. Why did you have to spoil my Sunday morning shit by bringing that gopping and fat brummie harridan into my conscious ?

    It's the last time I take my iPad for a shit and browse Arrse, I tell thee.
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  10. That's her. The one with the face that looks like someone set fire to it, then tried to put it out with a shovel.
  11. Blair misled Parliament? No! Can't believe that for a second.

    He was such a trustworthy PM too........
  12. tommy cooper

    Tony blair
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  13. Blair and Brown - two safe pairs of hands leading the country into a bright new future, or so they told us in 1997.

    Remember the slogan (and song) - "Things Can Only Get Better".