Blair goes American

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bokkatankie, Jun 9, 2006.

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  1. Just checked and this has not as far as i can see been mentioned. PM Questions on Wednesday:

    Blair expressess condolences for Lootenant and L/Cpl killed in Iraq.

    Grunts of disbelief in Tory bench.

    Is he so far up Bushes backside that our Army ranks are no interest to him, and another thing why do our senior officers have to wear US rank stars in Iraq?
  2. Well, the grovelling dog would rather be the governor of the USA's 51st State than the prime minister of the United Kingdom, so I really can't say I'm surprised.
  3. Irrespective of the Great Helmsman's ignorance of all things military save as means to secure his "legacy", our senior officers - and some not so senior - wear US insignia for the same reason we wore Saudi and US insignia during GW1 - to ease understanding amongst our allies.
  4. Tony Blair treats our soldiers with utter contempt, but so do many in his own party because servicemen represent all that Labour hates - allegiance to the crown, an unwillingness to adopt stupid PC attitudes and because we represent all the old traditions which make Britain GREAT!! We fly the Union Flag with pride, Labour doesn't want anyone to fly the Union Jack or the Cross of St George. However if you're Welsh or Scottish you can fly yours because us horrible English have been oppressing you all for years haven't we, or so Blair believes!! They are responsible for instilling a sense of self loathing in all of us whenever we dare to consider flying our national symbols - it's got nothing to do whatsoever with racism or the dispicable BNP, it's about being allowed to celebrate my identity with the utter pride I will have until the day I die.

    We are made to feel utterly guilty about our colonial past - I admit it wasn't all good. It certainly wasn't all bad either. Blair would be very happy for us to become the US 51st state and I'm sure the US would be delighted to have us but GB is not for sale, neither is our sovereignty, our history and traditions or our way of life. It's time to kick this government in to touch and get rid before they disband any more regiments, squadrons or ships - like my regiment The Green Howards only a few days ago.

    Are you feeling like me?
  5. Would it not be more polite of our Allies to learn our rank system?

    Cannot remember seeing similar in GW1
  6. Nor I ........ am I that old to have been there :roll:
  7. Cutsy, back you all the way mate. English and proud
  8. PdelaB was a prime exponant. Stormin' Norman even sprouted Ayrab rank tabs.
    This time round, the majority of high price help and most "embeds"
    I could make a joke about teaching the US military anything but that would be too cheap a shot - even for me.
    Be honest, when you've worked alongside the US, have you twigged their non-com ranks? How about FR officers?
    We're just making it easy. No politeness enters into it.
    Counter argument - having recently emerged from a (very) MN environment - is to just crack on. (Everybody brings the problem to the Brits door anyway!)
  9. At the start of current hostilities in the Gulf, one of Her Majesty's Submarines, paid for by the British Taxpayer, with it's full complement of sea-launched Cruise Missiles, purchased from the Americans by the British Taxpayer, at an enormous cost, came under the command of the Americans. It was ordered by them to sail as close to land as possible. It was then ordered, again by the Americans, to fire it's entire stock of Cruise Missile's at targets on the ground, determined by American Generals, in support of American Forces who have a defence budget that makes ours look like petty cash!

    In December of this year, our Chancellor, Gordon Brown, pays to the US Treasury Department, the final multi-million pound payment for 'Lease Lend', the cost of American assistance to Britain for a war that ended over sixty years ago!
  10. Well said Cutsy. Spot on chum.

  11. I would not be so quick to criticise the americans on this one — the uniformed ones anyway. I had cause to visit Fort Knox during GW1 and was asked to wear a US equivalent rank in order to avoid confusion. If you think about it, the with the number of different national rank structures walking around most MNHQs, chaos will quickly reign if there isn't a common reference system.

    Why not use ours, I hear you cry? Well, just take a quick look at our system of commissioned rank insignia with its rainbow of backing colours, shapes and sizes. Add to that the number of different places we wear them...and we haven't even started to explain the donkey-wallopers yet.

    Ours is a rich rank culture indeed, but not one that is easily assimilated.

    I also had cause to work with a USAF police unit years ago. I made an appointment to pick up ten sets of NVGs from their armoury. When I rocked up I sneaked a quick look at their message book. An ordinary airman had taken the trouble to note my name and rank and the phonetic spelling so that anyone dealing with me would get it right. Sorry guys, I accept that some of you will beg to differ but I have never been able to fault a US serviceman's politeness in twenty years.
  12. And here`s ME thinking that Mr. Blair WAS Bushes BACKSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: