Blair getting a standing ovation and defending the war

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. To a New York audience...

    Source: BBC Webpage

    Interesting that Blair would choose to make his first public engagement on US shores, not within the country that he "led" for ten years.

    Would he have recieved the same reception at a similar event in the UK?

    Great to see he's managing time to get time away from writing the book.
  2. Probably. You can fool a lot of the people a lot of the time.
  3. When its the good ol' US of A you can generally fool them all the time. Especially if your name's Blair and you live in GWBs Arrse
  4. Fcukin' Spams - bunch of cnuts!

    Hopefully Bliar will realise how much he is despised here and move over there permanently! I'll carry his suitcases to the plane if he wishes, just to confirm he's gone, c/w his witch!!!
  5. Christ almighty. The Septics love it when their opinions are given validity even by a non-entity like Bliar. He's bleating about the rise of fascism in the '20s? What does that make him and his limp wristed government? Appeasers like Chamberlain et al?

    He winds me up no end :twisted:
  6. Nuance. Not Tony's finest skill, unless of course you are trying to demonise an entire nation rather than it's leadership.

    Retrospective justification for his own f*ck ups however, he is pretty good at.
  7. Corrected for accuracy.
  8. But on a more serious note he spoke of what he called an extremist Islamic ideology.

    "This ideology now has a state - Iran - that is prepared to back and finance terror in the pursuit of destabilising countries whose people wish to live in peace."

    So Bliar is supposed to be a peace envoy for the Middle East is he? I've got a good idea, why not go to the Middle East and talk to the people there. Not make an inflmatory speech in the one country on earth that every radical Muslim hates with a passion......oh but then he wouldn't get a standing ovation, would he. What a cnut.
  9. How can one man fool so many people opver so many issues for so long a time. He is a mountebank, a cad and a bounder.

    PS: Apologies to the real 'The Cad'.
  10. He's gone now. Can't we just ignore the cnut?

  11. Is that as in All Septics are gullible. FFS there are probably as many Americans as Brits who are against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  12. But on a more serious note he spoke of what he called an extremist Islamic ideology.

    Hang on, isn't this the bellend who has allowed extremist Muslim ideology to flourish in this own country unchecked in way no other country would?

  13. No - he's left far too great a negative legacy which will affect us for years!
  14. What annoys me about Blair and his Churchillian warnings to an American audience is that for 10 years the man allowed mass unchecked immigration into the country,allowed Islamic Preachers of hate to constantly flout the law and presided over a policy of appeasement to Islam in this country,earning London the nickname "Londonistan."
  15. It'd be nice to say just ignore the cnut and he will feck off permanently - but I suspect he won't. Pity.

    Plus the more nutty elements in Iran will just love the rhetoric. If they actually needed something to beat us about the head with he has just presented them with a large club complete with nails sticking out.