Blair gets a backbone???!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabby, May 14, 2006.

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  1. BBC

    So blair has come out in support of animal testing... has he suddenly grown a spine? Don't get too excited, this may be a freak occurence...
  2. So, he can sign a petition as a PR exercise but cannot bring himself to visit the bereaved and wounded who paid his "blood price"....

    The man is beneath contempt and, in an ideal world, would have been put up against the wall long ago. :roll:
  3. I'm not defending the man. He's sheer lack of respect for serving personel and their families is beyond belief.
  4. Yes he might have a backbone but to confirm it, tests were carried out on three hundred rats, two hundred guinea pigs and a beagle called Eric.

    The backbone theory was eventually dismissed as Doris the cleaner at No 10 discovered a broom handle was missing.
  5. Heh, I thought it was the second sign of the apocalypse, First C5 start showing quality war films, now this...
  6. If a broomstick was missing from No 10, perhaps a certain barrister residing at the same address was taking flying lessons on it.
  7. Blair only has a backbone if 'big business' tells him he has a backbone
  8. Wonder if the wingnut headed cunt will be getting a directorship at Huntingdon Life Science when he finally fucks of out of office. Lets face it, he does fuck all unless there is something in it for himself.

  9. No I think with his pending retirement (please soon), hes looking for a seat on Smith Kline & Beechens board
  10. From the wiki:

    So if TB is signing this petition who is he expecting to take action? Surely he should be receiving the petition and acting on it, not signing the bloody thing!

    Pointless symbolism. Arrse.
  11. I support the petition - I'd happily drip shampoo in Bliar's eyes! :twisted!

    What an excellent point of contact (the doris cleaner ;) )