Blair furious at BBC challenge to integrity

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jul 6, 2003.

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    Sorry, I can hardly type for laughing. If you back down BBC, you will never be taken seriously again, as an independant news organisation. Well, semi-independant anyway.
  2. I suppose one good thing will come out of this,  New Labour will probably have the last laugh and abolish the licence fee.  Good for us, but a blow to BBC funding.
  3. Say Tony Blair.

    How can you attack something thats not there?
  5. Heheh, I found this on the internet the other day *cough*

    ...thought it were reet funeh!


  6. He's obviously had the nod that the 'report' when it's published tomorrow will exonerate the Government, as if anybody thought otherwise seeing as it's Labour controlled.

    He's kept his head down for weeks while the enquiry was investigating, but now he chooses to make sweeping pronouncements, sounds fishy.

    No matter, the damage is done for him.
  7. Blairs Broadcasting Chaps and Blairs Backroom Chaps with handbags drawn. How divine - there is a God.
  8. Greg Dyke is reported to be rallying the colours in the face of opposition from some BBC governers who want to fold to Blair pressure.

    Blair must be furious that one of his media luvvies has jumped ship. Still, if Estelle Morris can get Minister of the year, anything can happen.

    The BBC are too committed to just throw their hands up. At the very least, go down fighting Auntie  ;D

    Do I detect the beginnings of a 'fudge'

    Obviously more to come .....  ;)
  10. The Managers have said they're standing by Andy Gilligan. Glad to see D-yke still resisting.
  11. Yes, but he is also saying that the BBC never implied that BLiar lied or took us to war under false pretences...which is pretty much what Gilligan did say, and pretty much what actually did happen.

    Hoon's trying a different route, apparently someone in the Mystery has "fessed up", and Hoon is asking the BBC to tell him, if it is the same person as the one that Deep throated to Andy G

    Except the BBC are saying "Nice try, wrong person" , probably after rolling round the floor, screaming with laughter  ;D
  13. This is almost as funny as T B liar stating that he wants to

    "renew his vows to the country".

    Since when did we get married?? And if we are can i have a divorce please  ;D
  14. A "South African" divorce would be infinitely preferable  ;D
  15. And now they tell us that they're not actually expecting to find any WMD!
       Integrity.....what integrity?