Blair: Force Taxpayers To Underwrite Political Parties

P.M. Blair is shocked...shocked to discover that UK politics abound with sleazy activities practiced by sleazy people in pursuit of sleazy money.

There's only one solution: Fund UK political parties with money forcibly extracted from UK taxpayers.

This is from The Scotsman:

TAXPAYERS will be forced to hand over tens of millions of pounds to prop up Britain's political parties under controversial plans being drawn up by the government.

Tony Blair has ordered Labour Party officials to produce proposals to introduce a system of state funding for parties in Britain within the next three years, to counter growing allegations of "cronyism" in the political system.


The growing pressure over cronyism has forced the Labour hierarchy to return to the issue of state funding, which had been considered too politically explosive for Blair to tackle.


The sleaze saga reached a new low for the Prime Minister last month, when a parliamentary watchdog blocked his working list of 28 proposed new peers, which included businessmen who have donated thousands of pounds to his party, sparking a fresh "cash for favours" row.

"Blair seeks state funding for parties to end sleaze" 15 January 2006
No more sleaze and cronyism? We'll be looking for new Minister for Defence Procurement, then. And a new Attorney General, and a new Lord Chancellor, and a new... (cont. on p.94)
problem is political partys need cash and quite a bit of it.
if they can't get enough from indivduals party members its got to come from some where.
so do we want poltical partys getting from us via taxation.
or getting into bed with every specail intrest group or dodgy business man.
All the main partys have been p to it so maybe state fundings the way to go unfortunatly
They want to spend my (and yours) money to campaign to get themselves into power? bloody obscene!
Cap campaign spending, save us all having to look at their mindless bloody advertising campaigns and listening to them spouting their latest version of the truth.

I dont want to pay for them to campaign for my vote. We pay by far enough allready.
No one asks these numpties to stand, they do it for their own gain/ego.

Our politicians cost us a small fortune already. I only wish that they were as good at running the country as they are at finding themselves ways to pay themselves more. And now they want to pick up their advertising bill.

A Pox on the lot of them.
This will be a successful way to ensure that no new political parties are ever able to fund the election campaigns. It will also be a fantastic way to maintain the status quo. Both of these things are advantageous for Blair.

Cynical? Me?

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