Blair Force One!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tubs, Jun 20, 2006.

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  1. So let get this straight, the US President got one plane, the Queen fly BA and the PM who is a mere commoner in a second rate power which can't affrod it Health service got 2 private jets. Is it the world turn upside down?
  2. Britain is truly becoming a banana republic. All we need now is a massive electoral fraud... oh, we've done that. How's about a state propaganda service... got one of them. errrrr...
  3. Words cannot convey how much I despise that tw@t.
  4. Get rid of the fecker and save ourselves £14.7M of tax payers money!!!!!!!!!!!

    What's wrong with public transport??
  5. As C-in-C, G Dubya has EVERYTHING in the US Armed Forces (his train set, he dictates how the generals play with it). BTW He has TWO of those big F off jumbos to use as Airforce 1 (just in case one needs a service and kwikfit are busy!).
  6. Another great waste of money!
  7. AF1 is just the tip of a bigger fleet. There are the planes that carry the road transport and those that have the special medical and comms back-up. The time I got remotely involved with the Prez's mob, they had another crashmaster that carried his chopper.
    B Liar will want all these.
  8. Why not they have 3 new AgustaWestland A109's over at 32 Squadron RAF.

    AAC pilots note they are flown by Royal Air Force pilots not me that said it but Westlands did in their press release March 2006, RAF pilots underwent conversion to type training at AgustaWestland’s Vergiate facility in Italy and at Sloane Helicopters in the UK.

    So the PM and CO do need something to get them out the London traffic, the not so expensive means to say fly a short distance within the UK. Apart from that UK Gov are doing theur bit to reduce the number of cars on the road, the bigger one is for the family and friends for when we go on holidays the PM and Co need to go faster than the VIP Lounge at Heathrow you know.

    Put money on it HRH and Co will still travel long haul by commercial but PM and Co will take the RAF airlines.

    Is there an European aircraft in the new list then !!!!!

    Nice to see some reporters look to the internet for news, even if it is the BBC?
  9. Might be better to use existing RAF aircraft.

    Surely an Islander would suffice to get them anywhere shorthaul, and I am sure a Tristar or VC10 could carry out the long haul.

    This is a pointless waste of money. It would be better to come to an arrangement with BA or EasyJet to arrange the chartering of an aircraft on an as and when basis, than have two aircraft.

    In passing, I think Bill Clinton had AF1, Marine1 and two massive transports with him to carry all the cars and marine 1 across the atlantic when he visited NI. Saw a documentry on AF1, and I don't think it needs much in the way of medical support. There was a fully fitted medical sweet which even allowed for minor operations actually on board, run by a Navy Admiral Doctor!!!! And if they carry the Prezes blood type in the car, I would imagine there is a fair bit on board AF1.

    Not too sure about the ramp at the back with lots of parachutes ala Air Force One with Harrison Ford mind.

    Edit to add.

    Don't the Yanks have several 747s designated NEACP (or kneecap) for National Emergency Airbourne Command Post for getting the thinkers in to the sky when something bad happens on the ground?

    You've got to admit they know how to kit themselves up!!!!

    Meanwhile Nimrod anyone?
  10. Common chocolate_frog you can not expect PM to use old aircraft.
  11. When you think of all the jibes they made against the Queen for her travel arrangements and how they went on about the Royal Yacht, or the Royal Train yet they can order a couple planes to make their life easier
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Why not give bLair a rocketpack? I mean he THINKS he's superman anyway....
  13. The current arrangement involves chartering aircraft, and is apparently significantly cheaper than the new suggestion.

    One of the Vox pops on the BBC said " I have no problem with it, if I was president I want a plane too" or words to that effect. A little slip of the truth there, me thinks.
  14. They admit that it will be a couple of million quid a year more expensive (2.7 million if there is no increase in costs to be exact) than the current solution. The deal was done by Sir Peter Gershon, the Governments Spending Advisor (and also a private businessman).

    So of the annual cost of the deal (12.3 million quid), I wonder how much Sir Peter got as a commission?

    Why do they not give this money to BA on a deal whereby BA have to fly the PM and his cronies everywhere (so taking up business and First), but allowing normal fairpayers to travel in cattle? Surely it must be safe if our airport security is as good as Liarbour claim, and will be even safer with the nice shiny new ID cards everyone will have. At least that way he would have been promoting a British based company and helping to support British jobs. Nah! That wouldn't look good when he tries to become President of Europe!