"Blair Force One" to be cancelled


Looks like they've finally cancelled this embarassingly expensive project.
It always surprised me that Tony got this approved in the first place.

I like the quote:

there had been "substantial increases in the cost of buying and operating commercial aircraft" since the idea was first raised.
It was only proposed a couple of years ago, I'm not aware of any huge shift in the cost of buying or operating airliners in that timeframe (last ten years, hell yes, but not 2 or 3). :roll:

Basically they made a decision which meant it would have been hugely embarrasing for the first PM to use the plane and once Tony had gone it was very quietly dropped.
It was probably for his freeloading wife.
I would be interested in knowing how much they have spent thus far?

I'm all for a private plane for the PM.

Here's my suggestion;

I'll even buy him a Hachimaki.
That's one of those Jap wooden rocket powered kamikazes from 1945, isn't it?