Blair fingered by British Spy Chief



A former top British spy has told Tony Blair that he alone should shoulder responsibility for intelligence failings on Iraq.

Western secret services were blamed for errors over Iraq's arsenal in the build-up to last year's war in a scathing US senate report.

Dame Pauline Neville-Jones, former head of the Joint Intelligence Committee, said that "systematic failure" within British agencies did not excuse the Prime Minister.

"The buck stops there and I don't think that the political layer in any country can escape the consequences of a systemic failure," she said.

"I think there is a trust issue now and I think we already see this the trust issue.

"That's one of the reasons why it's important, first of all, the Prime Minister does acknowledge he actually got it wrong."
Butler report out next week. US spy departments already blamed of misleading the US government.

Looks like the British Spy agencies are getting their brollys up incase they too are forced to take the rap.
I saw the interview with the BBC. She was emphatic about where the blame lies, and it's squarely with the Dear Leader and his gang.

So, no surprises there, then.
Unfortunately it takes a man to admit he was wrong...........and B-Liar is anything but!! At best a minor functionary will be thrown to the wolves. Lets face it, he, like his entire Government has to date failed to accept responsibility for a failing NHS, increased assylum figures, rising crime rate etc. To date they have been honest about nothing; why should we expect any show of integrity now?

As for the agencies......I bet our accumulative security clearence's would not give us access to some of the information they may or may not have received. What is known is that B-Liar was happy enough to commit CROWN FORCES to war...and lets face it he's a man who practice's evasiness to black belt level. As for the accuracy of the info........well expediancy is this Governments watchword. :evil:
One thing for sure is that 'ol' teflon' will pass on the responsibility. It seems to be a medical condition for a great deal of people in senior positions. No I will correct that. Its a condition that many people have today. This inability to accept that you have to be responsable for your actions. B-liar, thankyou letterwritingman, B-liar, pants on fire is indeed a black belt in this.
How I wish there was a decent opposition. :cry:
Blair the B*stard needs a third eye. ....and while I'm wishing his wide mouthed frog of a wife can have one as wonder the daughter tried suicide a few weeks back not that the jurno tossers reported busy making up untrue stories about squaddies I suppose.
The man has no shame at all.

You can smell the spin on the boil.

Blair is going to BLAME the DIS for HIS failings then say "I will implement a new body designed to stop DIS failings in the future".

Son of a biatch!
Hmmm, pinch of salt I think. Even if it is true I doubt that commenting on it is tasteful and the D-notice strikes me as b@llocks. Nevertheless, Blair Senior is still a lying tw@t!
The link regarding the Blair family member has been removed.

After careful consideration, and looking at some of the links this story appeared on, I've decided to disallow it.
Not so much for censorship or Arrse covering issues, but out of sympathy for a teenager who right now, must be getting a hell of a lot of sstick anyway.

So I've removed it.

Hope everyone understands


Back on thread

I believe this report has just driven a Coach and Four through Lord Huttons "Inquiry"

I don't think the American people are fooled by the CIA "Taking one for the nation" either.

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