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Blair Fcuks Up The Rebate Issue


Spineless cnut. Handing back the cash, getting concessions from places that could actually do with a few quid being thrown at them, while those b@stard Frogs and their sheep-burning farmers (or anyone in France with a reasonably-sized back garden with a veg patch) get home Scott free.

While it's fascinating to see Blair's slow and no doubt tortured death, I can't fathom how he manages to be a bigger cnut day by day. Fecking spineless git.


Kit Reviewer
I wonder if he will become the second Prime Minister to return from a negotiating trip eastward and begin his speech, "I have in my hand a piece of paper..."
He is a total arse. He used be the king of PR adn has totally f8cked up the whole thing in europe. UK has a very strong argument to in that the rebate is inextricably linked to the CAP and therefore removal of the CAP would be the correct trigger for the handing back of teh CAP. Whay should we have to lose out to suit the new states, France and Germany? Anyone would think that the budget was such a seminal event in history that Tone in getting agreement would be remembered for ever and :evil: :evil: get f8cking cannonised. It is is not such an issue...in a year's time no-one will even remember/care about the new budget and we will have lost out on our money. Total c=nt. :evil: :evil:
The sad thing is, as Crabtastic mentioned, instead of getting the dosh from France, Spain, Ireland: countries that have milked the EU dry since joining, he is trying to get it from countries where the average salary is under 10 pounds per day! I would advocate the following two options (there are many more, but I cannot be arrsed to write them):

1. Scrap the CAP, scrap the rebate. UK stays as a vital part of the EU (they cannot survive without our money).
2. Withdraw from the EU. Negotiate free trade agreements with separate EU nations. The frogs will scream as usual, but will they seriously cease trading with their largest customer (we buy most of their wine, cheese, apples, brandy, etc).

All it requires is some balls to stand up to the lying french cnuts (Chirac is a criminal who is only escaping jail for corruption because of his current immunity).

Bliar: You are a traitor, a liar and a CNUT of the highest order.

How come CNUT spelt properly but with spacing comes out as chap? I hate this gestapo filter.
The title of the thread is unfair to Bliar. You should realise that he sees his & Scotland's destiny as indepedent of England, so is determined to weaken the whole British state.

He and his fellow porridge-wog Chancellor have been undermining as many institutions as they can and setting up Eu-style ones to replace them. To explain 'EU-style', such bodies are run by a small coterie men behind the scenes (the morally corrupt) and are not accountable to the public - thus side-stepping voter redress.

In the end Tone will feel that delivering England to the French will enable a Scottish President of the Federal States of Europe. And that will be him, or Price Euean.

If anyone finds my tin-foil Faraday mask, please return to me at Moon on the Mall tomorrow.

...... edited to show what the b'st@rds did to my mask.
im sure we will do ok outside of the EU , we are paying more in than we are getting out of the EU budget. i fthere is corruption within the Eu then it can be easily exposed by our withdrawal from EU as they cannot survive without our input.

on a personal note , i am voting for the UKIP if the main parties cannot commit to a withdrawal.
Gutless waste of space you wouldn't trust to tell you the time of day without checking. No wonder the scrambled eggs wouldn't tell us that he was visiting Iraq last xmas.........Too many stabs wanted to twat him one for f**king their lives up. I would have done........F**k the charges.


War Hero
so now we'll be paying 14 times as much as the frogs instead of just 7
Fcuk off, Whiffler; most of us in God's Country hate Blair as much as you Shandy-drinkers do.
Blair is a fcuking traitor and should be shot. And the best thing about Europe is that it's on the other side of the English Channel.
Latest on the news is that 'his idea' for reform is going no where so perhaps our rebate will be safe as the EU fcuk him off at the high port!
Werewolf said:
Fcuk off, Whiffler; most of us in God's Country hate Blair as much as you Shandy-drinkers do.
Blair is a fcuking traitor and should be shot. And the best thing about Europe is that it's on the other side of the English Channel.
Read it again WhereBrain

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