Blair fails again

Aid groups: Tony Blair faces ‘imminent failure’ in Middle East

International efforts to advance the Middle East peace process are facing imminent failure under Tony Blair’s leadership, aid groups operating in the region say in a report released today.

The report says that the international community Mr Blair represents suffers from a “vacuum of leadership” and has failed to curb the expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank or tackle the worsening living conditions of Palestinians, despite pledges made at a US peace summit almost a year ago.

Anyone who had to put up with him as PM could have told them that...

What a fecking joke that guy is, did anyone honestly expect him of all people to do anything constructive anywhere let alone there??

Grinning twat


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Israeli PM: "Aaaaah, Mr Bliar, welcome, welcome, Shalom in fact! What can we do for you?"

Bliar: "Ah, well, you see, [pause], I'm the Spashul Envoy to the Middle East, [pregnant pause] er, you understand, and ah, [bigger, more pregnant pause] I wish to see you resolve the issue of the Jewish Settlements yeah?"

Israeli PM: "Ah, OK, so you come with billions of dollars of sweeteners like the yanks to move this agenda forward?"

Bliar: "Er . . . [pause with a baby in it]

Israeli PM: "OK, perhaps, as Spashul Envoy to the ME, you come with threats of sanctions from the great powers in case we don't tow the line? That would work, a bit."

Bliar: "Um . . . . [pause with a small child in it, playing in the garden]

Israeli PM: "Oiveh mate, who er, exactly sent you here?"

Bliar: "Well, ahaa, I've been sent here as the Spashul Maboon Envoy to the Middle East by WORLD OPINION, er, to DRIVE PEACE PROCESS FORWARD FOR EVERYONE FOR THE SAKE OF THE FUTURE OF THE "

Israeli PM: "Mr Blair . . ."

Bliar: "WORL . . . erm, yeah?

Israeli PM: "Fcuk off will you, there's a good chap"

Bliar heads over to the Palestinians . . . . . .

As above, but without the Shalom.
Mali said:
What a fecking joke that guy is, did anyone honestly expect him of all people to do anything constructive anywhere let alone there??

Grinning t**t
Couldn't even manage a decent turn on The Daily Show the other night.

Blair fails? Quel suprise. I only hope the next one is failing to make the gap between platform and speeding train.

Nae salary... just as well! An 'Oxymoron' is that.... Whatever made him beleive that he could succeed where more able people have not. Delusions of grandeur more like it. Maybe this was a sop to him. A 'Very Important Post' given to him by GWB just to keep Teflon B'Liar out of his hair. The sort of thing that appeals to Our Tony. After all thats what its all about.....

To be seen strutting his stuff with the Famous, the Rich, the Mega-Rich, the Fabulously-Mega-Duper-Rich, and of course his pal Senor Berlusconi.... Freebie holidays for himself, Cherry B and kids..... :oops: 8) :lol:
May not be a salary attached to this role,however it didnt stop him spending £500K per year of our hard earned on his offices in london and his expenses!
That sickly smile and perpetually lieing Gob failed to work in a part of the world which has serious problems.
Any wonder as they will have seen he was so lucky to avoided a trail and conviction for the sale of Oners.
Hate the B'stard.
He was and still is an unmitigated cnut!

The damage done to this country durring his awful premiership will take a generation and more to repair.
What goes around comes tip from party conference in Manc land? Buff to take up the cudgels vice ruth "Harder Cuddles, I'm almost there" Kelly.

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