Blair Failed to Influence Bush

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bat_Crab, Dec 19, 2006.

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  1. Hurrah for Chatham House...


    The "disaster" of Iraq and Tony Blair's failure to influence US policy will overshadow his time as prime minister, a leading UK think-tank has said.

    The 2003 invasion and the post-war "debacle" have damaged Britain's international influence, said the Chatham House report.

    Outgoing director Victor Bulmer-Thomas said Mr Blair's successor would have to build better relations with Europe.

    But he said Mr Blair had achieved some successes on climate change and Libya.

    Despite military, political and financial sacrifices by the UK, Mr Blair had been unable to influence the Bush administration in "any significant way", the report found.

    It said there was no evidence British pressure led to Mr Bush accepting a two-state solution in the Middle East.

    "Blair has learned the hard way that loyalty in international politics counts for nothing," said Professor Bulmer-Thomas.

    "And his successor will not make the same mistake of offering unconditional support for US initiatives in foreign policy at the expense of a more positive relationship with Europe."

    Well at least its not all bad!
  2. No! Really!!! You don't say!!!
    if this is what a 'high level think tank' produces, then anyone with a pair of eyes in their head is qualified to be a member!!! Talk about stating the bloody obvious!!!
  3. Must have been a slow day for them. I wonder if they're familiar with the concept of wah?
  4. You should have listened to that numpty of a Foreign Secretary, Margaret Beckett on Radio 4 this morning. Totally out of her depth, making crass comments that suggested Tony Blair was the saviour of the World and saying that the Government never said we directly faced a 45 minute threat from Saddams Weapons of Mass destruction. (by the way why isn’t the Foreign Secretary accompanying the Tosser on his foreign trips – is she not good enough for the job?)

    The Government lied about the WMD, lied about the threat of WMD and led us in to a War which has not only resulted in the tragic deaths of many British Servicemen and women but also thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians. Furthermore, the idiots in power took their eye off the ball in Afghanistan and once again British soldiers paying for that with their lives and picking up the pieces of the politicians co*kup!

    Tony Blair’s Legacy is a world that is a much less safer place than it was before March 2003 and yes British soldiers will continue to die while he sits in some cushy office writing his memoirs!

    PS – those memoirs should appear under the banner of Fiction! :x
  5. I think You also need a Tory membership card
  6. Yes she really was shockingly bad

    I am not sure, unlike all other previous British PM's Bliar and his whole family are designated 'must get' AQ targets. Given that the War On Terror is good for at least 50 years, with the Iraq instigated Middle East thirty years War acting as a significant booster. I would say that Tony and his brood are going to get mighty sick of close protection, especially as they will be paying for a fair bit of it :D.

    AQ and the like only have to get lucky once AND they won't mind a one way mission.
  7. Ahh Sven – I’ve heard about you. You’re the character who always seems to pop up when Tony Blair is given a bit of a hard time. It makes many of us wonder who you are – the main suggestion is that you are in fact some Labour Party minion, whose sole purpose in life is to monitor ARRSE and counter any criticism of the “Party” and the “Dear Leader”.

    Is this true?
  8. Rubicon, nice try but please don't lower this into a slagging match.

    I thought Beckett's performance was execrable. As one of only two women in history to have held one of the Great Offices of State (in her current capacity), and as a seasoned politican with a history more distinguished than most of Bliar's lackies, I really do expect more from her in these circumstances (and am consistantly disappointed).

    [rant]The Labour Party's desire to divert any negative press from the Dear Leader is getting more and more ridiculous by the day and has now effectively extended to lying whenever possible. Before seeing Have I got News for You? last night with the superb Boris Johnson I hadn't realised that Bliar's questioning by police coincided with the release of the Diana report and the dropping of the SFO's investigation into BAe.

    This governement's desire to mislead (or at least underinform) the general public is becoming a serious issue. At least they couldn't sidestep this report. Unfortunately I can't help but think that the apathy of the Great British Public will let them get away with it again, though. :x [/rant]
  9. Are you surprised by this? Bush regards Blair as a puppet, and the grinning oaf hangs on every word Dubya says. When will this country wake up and realise that we are not the masters of all we survey anymore. We are a Joke. The US uses the country as a giant static aircraft carrier, and the EU use us as a giant static immigrant refuse tip. They are laughing at us not with us!
  10. Not a slagging match but a genuine question - you only have to see Svens post history to wonder who or what he is! Remember this Labour Party could teach the old Russian Communist party a thing or 2 about Control and manipulation! Today they call it Spin!

    By the way Bat - fully agree with all your points and I too can't help but wonder why people continue to think the Dear Leader is anything but the most unscrupulous, amoral and untrustworthy individual to ever hold the position of PM.
  11. Read my posts on the thread about the Saudi/BAe corruption. Read my posts on ID cards/CCTV/Civil Liberties.

    I do not deny that I am on the left wing of my parties politics, but to suggest, as some posters do, that I wear a red rosette and not yellow one is rather silly.

    Why have You only posted 40 times since 2004 - and then waste Your keyboards wear and tear on the above

  12. Sven – I did check them out and sure enough I am wrong. You are a well balanced individual – You have chips on both shoulders! :wink:

    As for only 40 posts since 2004. well I do have a day time job defending Queen and Country for the likes of you to sit around on your behind all day and write posts to the magnificent site. The reason I can do so today is that it is the last day or so before going off on leave for Christmas and things are quiet.

    No objection to you being left of centre but please don’t be an apologist for this immoral individual who somehow got himself elected as PM and who has led us to War where thousands are being killed.
  13. At the beginning of his tenure my ex glorious leader advocated giving credit where it is due, and supporting that which we think right.

    As to leading us to war - Paddy Ashdown said just a month or so ago on the Politics Show that it was the right war faught for the wrong reason, I agree entirely. Blairs planners screwed up the post war era but did the right thing in prosecuting it in the first place.
  14. Nah - wrong war, wrong reason - should've focused on Afghanistan and seen that one through to the end instead of going in to Iraq. The people of this Country were lied to, the military were lied to and Blair is now cavorting around the world as some sort of great statesmen whereas in fact, he is climbing over the backs of dead British soldiers in order to achieve his own personal ambitions!

    You also make it sound so easy to go to War – ever tried wearing a Uniform and carrying a weapon in order to go against Her Majesty’s Enemies?
  15. Oh nice one Sven, four posts on this thread and you chuck in the "You appear to belong to a different political party to me, so whatever you think and say is hereby disqualified..." Please, when you get to sixteen years of age let us know.