Blair denies being a 'liability'


Tony Blair has denied he is becoming an electoral "liability" to the Labour Party over his support for US policy in Iraq.
The prime minister dismissed speculation about his leadership as "froth and bubble".

"When you do something like Iraq you've got to see it through," Mr Blair told BBC Radio Newcastle.

He dismissed calls to distance himself from President George Bush amid concern about abuse of Iraqis by US forces.
Spot the difference.

B'Liar denies being a liability.

P1ss Moron denied the pictures were fake.

8O 8O 8O 8O 8O
I think when it gets to the point that you have to deny things like that, you are licking piss. There's a story about Lyndon Johnson: during one his election campaigns, he instructed his aides to spread rumours that his opponent was having carnal relations with farmyard pigs. His aides were horrified, and told him that that would be complete and unacceptable slander. Johnson's reply was; "maybe, but lets make the son of a bitch publicly deny it!"

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