Blair defeated

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pompey, Nov 9, 2005.

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  1. Someone already started this thread.

    Beaten to the 'post'.... literally.
  2. But yours does have a link!

    Personally I am very relieved. I am glad that some sense of fair play has been at work. I have every confidence that if a policeman convinces a judge that a suspect needs to be detained for longer, then that will happen. Trust the judiciary and keep the politicians out of it!
  3. The amendment for the term to be 28 days was carried.

    Bliar has been humiliated. The usual spin didn't work, and neither, it seems, did the Whips' threats.

    From listening to it live on the wireless, one of the major issues is that many MPs took exception to Bliar using the police to lobby for votes - this is likely to have wider repercussions around the use of police for political purposes. One MP said that Labour did this because they know that no-one believes their ministers any more, because of Iraq.

    The Bliar lickspittle who was interviewed was spouting about how Parliament should heed advice from the police. Which is curious, because that would seem to be the opposite view to that taken by Neue Arbeit over 24-hour drinking and hunting, to name but two issues.

    Edited to add: Damn these 'database connection failure' errors!
  4. Just heard on the radio that Michael Howard has called for the Primie Minister's resignation!
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I notice certain envoys from the Court of St. Tone were flown back home in order they should worship at His ego's altar.

    I realise it's normal for tuppeny-ha'penny tinpot dictators' lapdogs to be dragged back on their chains AT TAXPAYER'S EXPENSE whenever their lord & master has pushed his luck, but is this new ground for British Prime Ministers ?

    Or am I just confusing the two for some reason ?
  6. What a surprise! Proof that the important issue to the Tories was the politics rather than the issue!

    /I'll get my Guardian.
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I think Teflon Tony will slime it around & come out of it smelling like cheap tarts perfume!
  8. Conquering Roman heroes were lauded as they entered the eternal city, as they rode triumphant through the streets they were accompanied by a slave who held a laurel over their head while whispering "Remember thou art mortal" Bliar today has been shown to be mortal.

    Today was the first step on preventing Britain turning into a communist police state, the evidence has been there for all who can see. Long may it continue.

    edited beacuse of a Carlsberg wound to the senses
  9. Might also be the first step to a lot of people getting killed because someone slips through the net...
  10. Might also be the first step to a lot of people getting killed because someone slips through the net...[/quote]

    Perhaps 26 million russians might disagree with you if they could have prevented Stalin from carrying on with his program.

    The further down the slippery slope you fall the harder it is to climb back up.
  11. First. The police have failed to provide evidence that there has been a single terrorist-related investigation that has failed because they arrested someone and were unable to frame a decent charge with supporting evidence in order to insist on their continued detention, within 14 days. The extension of the period from 7 days to 14 days was granted in 1993. In the past 12 years there must be at least one failed investigation that can be used as an example.

    Second. The police have decided that they need 90 days based on an example of a theoretical investigation that may have to be conducted in the future which is in reality a demonstration that they are underfunded and under-resourced, rather than an example of how complex a case is. The police have advised the Government. The Government have agreed with the police advise and have tried to enact it; in the process they have further politicised the police force by getting senior police officers to justify the decision, rather than justifying the argument.

    Third. In the proposed bill the detainee will be entitled to have his case reviewed every 7 dyas by a Judge. In fact the Judge will have to review the case, but neither the detainee nor his lawyer will be allowed to hear the justification for the detention. This means that the detainee and his legal team will not be in a position to rebut allegations, and there is a stink of assumption of guilt. 90 days detained without knowing why you are being detained is unacceptable.

    Edited to add a Fourth. Anyone who thinks that T Bliar is acting any way other than politcially should bear in mind that the amnesty for Northern Irish Terrorists is being presented this week. Tough on terror? The man is a political opportunist of the lowest water: link;jsessionid=CWQCPLL0SU4T1QFIQMGSFFWAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2005/11/10/nire10.xml&sSheet=/portal/2005/11/10/ixportal.html
  12. And to be fair, in the way that this ruling will be abused by the police and government - if they come over and lock you up under this bill, your not going to be very happy in 90 days time!

    Lets face it, more innocent people will be banged up that terrorists!!!!!