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This caught my eye, although a little dated:,+the+new+darling+of+the+social+scene

I encountered their rather sweet teenage daughter Kathryn, aged 19, the other night, making her social debut at the highly enjoyable summer party in the garden of London's elegant Goring Hotel.

Highly enjoyable in that the guest list was low on the WAG, orange-hued MAW "Model, Actress, Whatever" vacuous party girl (and boy) set, and instead attracted an eclectic mix of interesting people of all ages, thankfully not chosen for their ability to look good in a size eight dress or hot pants. Which would rule me out,for a start!

There was veteran actress June Whitfield, neat in a trouser suit and surprisingly diminutive (I am 5 ft 2 and had to look down on her, which makes a change! ) accompanied by her son- in-law and telling me how chuffed she was that Melvyn Bragg has just filmed a South Bank Show devoted to her career.

At 81, and after a career that began more than 50 years ago as Eth in the radio series Take It From Here, via Hancock and Absolutely Fabulous she certainly deserves the accolade - and isn't it time she was made a Dame?

What struck me about June in person however was her beautiful , almost line-free complexion. Other guests included the tv cook Clarissa Dickson-Wright, former Boyzone member Stephen Gately (charming) and his

handsome civil partner Andrew Cowles, leading chef Angela Hartnett, well-connected Westminster Roman Catholic priest Father Michael Seed (more of him, later) and several other distinguished gentlemen in clerical garb.

They were all quaffing plentiful-topped up Bollinger and nibbling the delicious and substantial canapés, which included mini-shepherds pies, hot steak sandwiches and decadent chocolate dipped strawberries..

Mmmm, chocolate strawberries , as Homer Simpson might say. I, for one, did not need any dinner that night.

Belle of the evening was surprise guest Kathryn Blair, wearing little or no make-up and looking very pretty in a floaty, blue-printed dress well suited to a girl of her age and normal size. While her father has recently been denouncing the press as "feral beasts", young Kathryn, who seemed shy and modest but with a ready smile, was happy to chat to me, revealing she is currently on a gap year before university - and admitting "I'm not doing very
much, just enjoying myself with my friends." (Earlier in the year she did very well in an intensive three-month academic French course at the Sorbonne, so she probably deserves a bit of R and R before knuckling down at uni).

Any questions about her father's future were politely but expertly deflected - she obviously has been well trained in dealing with the media, feral or no. And so back to Father Michael Seed,'priest to the stars' (though he hates that title).
Someone else trading off the family name? Why don't they take the hint - if they keep their heads down (like Ozzy's oldest, the only sane one of the bunch) then they avoid all the "celebrity" grief. Fly with the crows and all that....
Can't help your family.

This is the only reference I have seen of her and as long as she doesn't kick the arrse of it, hope she enjoyed it. I'd say leave her alone.

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