Blair criticises Brown

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cuddles, Oct 14, 2007.

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  1. So Tony Blair feels Mr Brown's speech was 'empty' and wonders what there is of substance in New Labour.

    I am torn between posting "Cheeky cnut" or that old classic, "Hello tea-kettle, this is pot, verify colour setting over..."

    Mr Blair. You are far too recently resigned to criticise your successor for the conduct and indeed results of government, without getting a pretty comprehensive back-splatter as the solids hit the air conditioning system. I would ask, what exactly have YOU achieved since volunteering for a Nobel Peace Prize in, oh say 2009?
  2. It was only a matter of time before the "special relationship" unravelled and let's be honest, Bliar needs to keep himself in the public eye to support the mortgages.
    I'm surprised he has noticed Broons recent performances though, as I thought he was far too busy bringing peace to the Middle East?
    Tw*ts the pair of them. :x
  3. Some chap named Blair you say? Who's he then?
  4. I believe Blair was one of the first great liars of the 21st century, he went on to destroy the fabric of British life. I think he and his wife, a freeloader in her own right, now sell rugs out in the Middle East.
  5. A bit rich coming from a man who put style before content.
  6. Ha-ha! Setting up a liars' gallery, are we? :D :D :D
  7. Brown and Bliar are two of the most noxious people I have ever had the sadness to be affected by. The third of the club is the 'Traitor' Heath. I'm not interested or particularly impressed by the 'Heath defenders', he was a disaster as a prime minister, only to be equalled by Bliar and shortly to be overtaken by the oik 'Bottler' Brown as the WORST EVER PRIME MINISTER!
  8. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    Blair loves Brown!
  9. Blair is finding it easier to criticise from the cheap seats :D
  10. Chubby Falconer has another agenda other than simply acting as His Master's Voice.

    Broon is not paying him the pension he feels he deserves.

    Bliar will have to make himself look better than he does now to flog his memoirs. One way of doing this is to put the boot into Broon, who was the beneficiary of a substantial "he's not Bliar" bounce in the opinion polls. This may backfire in at least two ways.

    The cash-for-honours inquiry is now being scrutinised by a Parliamentary committee. They may decide to take a different view than the DPP/CPS, that there wasn't enough evidence, in their conclusion. It is impossible to imagine that No 10 are watching this closely, with the occasionan nudge.

    An Iraq inquiry has been promised. This will be delivered when Broon decides it is time (and what the conclusion should be). A lot of blame could suddenly be directed in a certain direction. Hopefully, enough blame to make a prosecution in the Hague a possibility!

    What fun times! :twisted:
  11. Jebus... if you had to carry the can for so long... would you be able to keep stum?

    I wouldn't!!! I'd be cutting about like that old granny in the Irn Bru adverts :lol:
  12. Pot Kettle!
  13. Don't know what you are complaining about Cuddles. Blair's only following in the footsteps of your heroine the Mad Thatch of Finch who started in b'itchin' about Major from day one.

    Tea kettles? Pots? Black? me a favour.
  14. There are a lot of homing chickens out there, seeking landing instructions.., and plenty of roosts to fill...

    Ah, joy!

    I raise a glass in anticipation of amusing times ahead! :D