Blair condemns England attacks

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spuncan, Jun 21, 2006.

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    So it takes a 7 year old boy to talk some fcuking sense. He wore an England top, though he lives in Scotland, because he "wanted to support a British team".

    Puts all this infantile Scotland/England rivalry into perspective doesn't it.
  2. A disabled man and a 7 year-old boy, how hard must those blokes be! Football hooligans? Cnuts the lot of them.
  3. Funny how the piece of human scum who punched a little kid was wearing a Glasgow Rangers top, you know, that well known bunch of proddie b@stards that love to wave the UNION flag, particularly at Old Firm matches. The tw@t must be really proud of himself!
  4. Yes, a fine bunch of Bravehearts these Tartan Army boys! They must be proud!
  5. CNM, why should they not fly a Union flag?
  6. The point is that some scumbags attacked people who are not able to defend themselves.

    Whether they were right or wrong or just plain suicidal in the first place is not an issue.

    How convenient to whip up more bad feeling and how convenient that Bliar decided to stick his nose in.

    Haven't they got enough problems without him trying to help?

    Like him, I'm sure plenty will be trying to exploit this.

    Which makes them almost as bad as the scumbags in my mind.
  7. Well put Mrsoft
  8. Apropos Bliar jumping on yet another populist bandwagon, I'd just like to quote Lord Ramsbotham: "I just wish he'd shut up, frankly". Much sense, as always from the former General David!
  9. I find it pathetic that this anti England setiment now results in 7 year old children being attacked

    Maybe just maybe some of our posters north of the border who posted anti English comments on here might read back to their posts and take a moment to reflect, is this attacker the type of person you want to be associated with ? Of course some will try and turn it around and claim they are the victims and not actually come out and condemn whats happened.

    Then again others might just seek to avoid the issue and blame the government......
  10. Thank you cambrai that is preceisly the point I wanted to make.
  11. Whilst I agree with you words Mr Rickshaw, is it not possible that Blair may actually feel something for this turn of events? Of course the presumption that he is jumping on the bandwagon is no-ones fault but his own. Like a political 'The boy who cried wolf', it's hard to know when he really cares.
  12. A 7 year old kid and a guy in a wheelchair beaten up for wearing St. George's cross. A sad day for football.

    And yes, while it does smack of Blair jumping on a populist bandwagon (again), if he didn't say anything people would be more angry at him for not saying anything.
  13. Did they catch the scummers that did this?
  14. I was horrified when i heard this on the radio this morning.

    Makes me sad to share a country with someone who is so small and petty-minded!
  15. Find them and shame the cowardly creatures. take the passports away from them too.

    And force them to wear England tops for the rest of their lives.