Blair, Cameron or Kennedy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bowman_guru, Dec 7, 2005.

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  1. These are the choices, great I think not, but who would you have in the chair.

    Blair - Can you trust a word that comes out of his mouth? Brown recons not...

    Cameron - Unproven/unknown quantity but may be able to achieve things...

    Kennedy - Might be a "nice guy" but is he up to the job?

    Who is best for Prime Minister? Thoughts?
  2. Shouldn't you replace Blair with Brown first?
  3. None of them,

    Hang them all by their balls i say and instate Boris as PM!
  4. Blair - will be Brown - and will not be getting my vote!
    Kennedy - nice enough bloke, hearts in the right place, but i think he would crack under the pressure
    Cameron - unknown, but at the moment, best of the bunch, and from what i have heard so far, should be ok,He will get my vote!

  5. Simply can not bring my self to vote for either Blair or Brown...Brown I beleive will mean a move to the left.

    Kennedy, at least might make me laugh and likes a drink or two.....not sure I could vote for a ginger as pm, perhaps PMQ would be like 'Have I Got News for You?

    Cameron apparently may or may not have done drugs, did own a cocktail bar and not yet proven to be a tosser.....first salvo seemed OK by a process of elimination Cameron it is.
  6. Anyone who wants the job is not suitable for the job,
    ALL politicians lie,bend the truth and prevaricate for a living.
  7. Surely you don't advocate the way the Universe was run in A Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy?
  8. Cameron it is as he is the only one that isnt a proven liar yet.
  9. Yes mr.Johnson exactly fit to chair in DS10.

    Yes,yes, exactly mr.Blair 2d edition.
  10. Blair, Cameron or Kennedy ??????

    hhhmmm................. nope, dont like any of those choices, either a coup or suicide sounds better.
  11. Yours or theirs? :?: