Blair calls for regime change in Iran & Syria

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ex_colonial, Sep 9, 2011.

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  1. Teflon Tony is at it again see here :- The Times | UK News, World News and Opinion
    Not content with helping start illegal wars in Iraq & Afghanistan causing the deaths & maimings of possibly millions of civilians and troops plus costing god knows how much in cash, he is now calling for regime change in Iran & Syria!
    This is the same Blair who is supposed to be the United Nations Middle East peace envoy. Despite the fact that both countries could do with the change, it must come from within & not cost us the well being of one of our servicemen or any cash!
    What is surprising is that this corrupt, lying piece of slime is listened to & quoted by the media when he should have faced a trial for his part in both the Iraq/Afghanistan fiasco's and the way his criminally inept (to say the least) premiership bankrupted our country!
  2. Well, at least he is consistant.

    He's the most bellicose PM we've had since Palmerston.
  3. Bellicose?

    That means 'cuntish', right?
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  4. So will our Tone be in the first wave?


    Thought not.

    What a strange man, a 'middle east peace envoy' who holds the record for the most military interventions of any PM in history and is now calling for more.
  5. Not paying to see what's been written about this tosser's views! He has way too much blood on his hands!
  6. The question that should be asked is "at what cost Mr blair".
  7. I notice he neatly sidesteps the fact that the only reason the Persians are out of the box is that him and Bush were stupid enough to eliminate the one thing that used to keep them in check - one Saddam Hussein Esq.

    Words fail me, the sooner this lying fool is in the dock facing the consequences of his stupidity the better.
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  8. Does anybody seriously think this man has any more credibility, in the Middle East, than he does in his own country?.....No, thought not.
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  9. Very few people I loathe, mainly as it takes too much effort, but I'm willing to put in a bit of work for both him and his wife (photo below).

  10. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    I am very proud that our highly intelligent, dedicated, far-seeing and fearless Middle East Peace Envoy, who has been so successful in mediating between all the different factions in the area, and who has such a deep understanding of and empathy with their ancient cultures, has again taken a leadership role which will be of benefit to the whole world.

    I would like to propose that a suitable bronze statue of him be erected in some place where hius talents are truly appreciated such as Islington or Notting Hill,

    or perhaps Damascus

    with him inside.
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  11. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    If there was to be "external regime change" ( (c) Me ). Who would do it and how?

    The West is bankrupt, and there is no appetite in the minor member states of NATO for foreign adventures.

    Russia quite likes the idea of Iran being a distabilising influence on the West.

    China couldn't give one, and BTW hasn't got form in foreign military adventures during the last millenium.

    The Arab Spring did for Hosni Mubarak and a load of other north african leaders, but Bahrain, Syria and Iran have all survived the multiculoured revolutions.

    TCB may well declaim that Iran is the true enemy - he didn't say that before Herrick 1. Adding Syria to the mix is just wilful mischief on his part.

    BTW the various nations' experience of Britain, France and the Ottoman Empire over the past 150-200 years would indicate that the various nations mentioned above, and their neighbours, would not be exactly overjoyed if TCB got his way.
  12. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Forgot to say that The Shaved Chimp did declare Iran part of the "Axle Of Elvis" along with DPRK. How long before TCB jumps onto that particular bandwagon and says that armageddon has arrived?
  13. I honestly cannot wait till Blair the bastard is shot dead. I will happily drink a toast to whoever pulled the trigger. I sincerely hope he gets assassinated.
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  14. I note that TCB (That C*nt Bliar) calls for regime change in 2 further countries, while our troops have only recently left Iraq, and are still fighting a war in Afghanistan, remember we were going to go there and it was unlikely a shot would be fired! Both of these conflicts were at Tony's behest, and due to his misleading parliament. Have any of Tony's children joined the services to do their bit for Britain? No! Would he be gobbing off about regime change if they had? Highly unlikely.