Blair calls for dialogue with Syria and Iran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spack_bandit, Nov 13, 2006.

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    >>The prime minister believes the two states should be warned of the consequences of failing to help. <<

    That's a really good approach, that'll help a lot. Either he's just being dumb and thinks threats will work with Iran and Syria - despite, what, twenty odd years of evidence to the contrary, or he's just mouthing the right words to try and realign himself to the new changes in Washington.

    Personally I'd say both.
  2. I can hear it now- "Look Iran you know how we wanted to bomb the fck out of you for developing nukes and erm- you know how we supported Saddam when he went to war with you all those years ago and erm -you know how we have fcked up Iraq. well is there just the slightest chance you could bale us out of the shite in Iraq- go on for old times sake- wadda ya think come on be fair eh eh". :?
  3. My thoughts exactly. Bit late isn't it Tony?
  4. Oh I don't know. Taking the ultra successful rehabilitation of old enemies in NI as an example, it won't be long before Tony is telling us all that Hamas and the Iranians ( I can't remember how to spell the Pres's name and can't be arrsed to look it up) are such a fine body of upstanding men and how we have misjudged them all along. :roll:

    God that man gives me the screaming sh1ts.
  5. The cheek of the git! He tries to seek their assistance whilst all the while issuing empty threats.
    Well the Iranians have already and rightly told him to 'f'uck off, sonny.'
    Least ways I think that's what they said but my farsi is a little rough.
  6. sorry mate , actually it was "f'uck off you throbber"
    said so in private eye - must be true then!
  7. Our beloved 'World Statesman', bet the world stopped in Iran and Syria to listen to this outstanding Leader and his judgement of Soloman.
    How cum the Pup dared speak without consulting His Masters Voice ?
  8. He honestly believes he is this great statesman when he is in fact the Tim Henman of global politics.
  9. Looks like even the master has grown tired of its plaything.
  10. I am confused - not for the first time I hear you all say.
    I thought Brown was Prime Minister and Beckett was Foreign Secretary. What is Bliar doing making speeches. I thought he was in prison or something.
    "Tough on foreign affairs; tough on the causes of foreign affairs" I say.
    If it didn't affect our lives in every way and it wasn't so dangerous, this disreputable government would be funnier than 'Fawlty Towers'.