Blair, Brown, The Government and our Civil Liberties

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RFUK, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. X-Ray CCTV in every lamp post.

    My sincerest apologies for posting somewhat of a non-story from The Sun, but I do feel that it raises some interesting points.

    With memos like this and schemes such as compulsory ID cards and GPS vehicle tracking; With technology now at a standard which would make it quite possible for them to monitor every single person in every move they make; It makes me wonder how far Blair, Brown and this government is willing to go in taking away our civil liberties.

    The arguments for it are all very well, but when it's all said and done I for one will miss being able to walk down the street or go for a drive without being monitored by the government and without fear of arrest for being without my ID card.
  2. <Michael Winner voice>
    Calm down, dear, its only a stupid story in the sun...

    Did you not see the banner advert above?: Free Tinfoil hat for every reader in tomorrows Sun!

    However, these technologies do exist. I work at an airport and I've used them, but you couldnt 'covertly' use them in a lamp post. (We've tried to use them covertly in baggage halls, it doesnt work!) and its far too expensive. A Rub down search or sweep with a metal detector is probably more effective.

    The people who market these expensive gizmo's have in the past generated the stories reported in the press to increase sales in their outlandish and impractical inventions
  3. Airport screening is really only as effective as the people operating it. Recently I boarded a flight and as I removed my big tweed coat I was shocked to find two SG cartridges in the side pocket.

    I was even more astounded a couple of weeks later to discover an Opinel knife in my wee ruckie that I carry all my gear around. I found it air-side...

    Which airport? Oooh aaargh me dear, I baint sure wnether I zhould zay...
  4. This is surely nirvana for the exhibitionists out there...
  5. Ahhhh! So the intent is there, it's just not technologically feasable - yet! Just a matter of time then. :x
  6. Well not really intent. AFAIK the manufacturers offered the kit to us, under a general agreement that we will look at any technologies that might be useful, but I don't think this was as a response to a specific specification or requirement issued by us.

    We had a play. Broke it. Gave it back with 'thanks, but no thanks' and 'Not quite what were loooking for' and 'you havent really thought this through, have you?' (Nor had we, really!)

    The system in place has turned up some useful new technologies, but their not sneaky beaky covert stuff. people are aware of whats going on when we use them, and it is generally done with consent and explanation