Blair/Brown bribes kids to be good.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by LordVonHarley, Mar 8, 2006.

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    Call me old fashioned but when I was a kid/teenager if I broke the rules I was punished. I was not bribed to be good, it was a simple social contract to behave by societies rules and you will not be punished. Simple really.

    Now Blair/Brown want to wase Tax payers money on giving kids between £12 to £25 per month (ontop of the £30 they get for staying in schools)

    When I was a youngster and needed money I went out and earned it - washing cars, gardening for neighbours, teaching people how to use a PC. The strong work ethic was installed in me.

    Now kids are just getting hand outs from a very early age.

    On the other hand, if a kid really need the money to get to school and live off then fine. But they should get the extra funds via our massive Social Security system.
  2. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Maybe if we're bad we'll get a decent pay rise!
  3. As far as I know it isn't for children to stay in school but for them to go to college. IMHO it is a good idea, it means children from underpriveldged backgrounds get the chance to go to college. Before this it meant a lot of children who would have done well at college could not go because their parents could not afford to look after them whilst they did it. Plus it also means they do not have to get a job whilst they study, thus meaning they can take on extra subjects and have the chance to go to one of the better universities, which generally liek students to have 4 A levels.

    It is just a shame that Bliar and co have made it near impossible for said underpriveledged kids to go on to university and put the A levels to good use, due to the introduction of Top up fees.

    edited to add that I was talking about EMA grants mentioned not scheme mentioned in the article which I actually think is a good idea as it not only gives an incentive for children to behave but it also gives them something constructive to do. Ok so it wasn't like this in your day but it isn't your day now. Children are unruly and a lot are being brought up by scrounging, bad parents. This is the governments way of trying to do something about it.

    Can you think of an alternative? Obviously other than a good kicking which I am sure we all would agree with but sadly will never be allowed to do.
  4. I think this is one of the worst ideas that the government has ever had. Unbelievable that dirty little chavvy b*stards are being encouraged to sponge off of the state at an early age. Punish poor behaviour, acknowledge exemplary behaviour but why on earth pay somebody to simply do what is expected of them?
  5. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for getting kids to do A'levels and better themselves. Not that I like teenagers but because they will go out and get jobs and pay taxes that will be used for my state pension (if it still exists in 4o odd years).
  6. I never needed paying to do what was right. They should get punished for doing wrong. In this way they will become a member of society who can function on their own, or do the government think that this scheme perhaps could be extended to the early 20s?, late 20's? sod it let's pay people for life.

    If they need to find themselves or test themselves or find something about themselves to feel good about I follow Blunketts idea. Get them to serve the community. 6 - 24 months of service to the community, working in hospitals, cleaning the area up including conservation projects. Give the money to organisations such as the Youth Clubs and scouts to allow them to facilitate the kind of activities that will build a respectful and confident person.

    There are plenty of schemes that would allow them to build themselves in to upstanding folk, the DoE award or what ever trendy name it has now, the various award schemes in the cadets, scouts, guides, boys brigade anything like that.

    Get rid of these regulations and sueing culture and get the kids doing things that will test them. Put them in situations that stretch them, ie on white water rivers, up snow capped mountains and the seas of the UK.

    Failing that get them to pay £25 everyweek they are an arrse, or put them in to a boot camp of the bad lads army stylee.
  7. No longer is the stick to be used in conjunction with the carrot.

    Carrots all the way in our socialist utopia!!!!

    Edited to add, time to don my tinfoil hat, but is this labour prepping the new generation for a life of state sponsored handouts and benefits, thus linking their financial future to a vote for labour?

    Cynical, moi??? :D
  8. bring back approved schools and borstals! run by ex squaddies
    when the runts are naughty out comes the "cat o nine tails" flay them publically !
  9. I think the money would be better spent teaching parents how to raise their children correctly. There are many problems in society that effect children and cause them to be anti social, I think society as a whole should aim to solve those before handing out the cash.
  10. Hang on, why are they being paid to do what thousands of other people do for nothing? Why are they being given money for doing what they should be doing anyway? Can I have money for breathing, saying please and thank you and not pushing old ladies under buses?

    A_S, I reckon you're spot on. Get them dependent on the state early - then they'll vote Labour in the future, because they won't want their funding to dry up.
  11. This has been going on for years, kids get music/book vouchers for 'good' attendance, my kids have to buy their own revision guides and meanwhile the schools are handing out 'Kentucky Fried Chicken' vouchers to those 'disadvantaged children' who might otherwise not attend school.

    Any one who believes that it's to encourage kids to stay on at school and do a vocational qualification is living in fantasy land, it's nothing more than bribery by the schools to meet Government targets to stop truancy. Remember the Goverment always sets targets, if public bodies do not meet the targets, it is not the Governments fault (see recent stories about NHS,CSA,immigration etc).