Blair Broadcasting Corporation

Blair Broadcasting Corporation
....are at it again.

Assad II arrives, has talks, says they have been constructive etc and he is optimistic

"Assad was rather careful in the way he expressed himself this afternoon"

However, over on CNN.....

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has warned that anyone seeking war with Iraq for the sake of war with Iraq is "psychologically ill," following talks with British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

lololololol -yer nicked  ;D


I thought we had all come to the conclusion that Dubya was psychologically ill in many ways.
His difficulty with the english language does not dode well for international understanding!

Best mick take so far was on DeadRingers. Dubya doing a press conference to the song "Whatever" (the united states of whatever).

Top giggle food!


Geoff Hoon's statement today about preparedness, particularly interesting that he felt it neccessary to mention activation of reserve callup, but also consider what reasons would be acceptable to turndown the call up - any thoughts ??
The only reasons I can see, would be

1. A massive Fire strike, but then again, it would be a TA callout for that one, while the regs are out firefighting for real.

2. Saddam accepts a huge cash bribe, and goes to live in Libya in a nice villa

3. Saddam has one of those "Midnight car crashes"

4. The inspectors find nothing at all, and somehow the whole thing is proved groundless (..and the band played "You can believe it if you like" )

5. Gordon Brown gets his balance sheet out, and says.....No chance.
That's on a general scale.

On a personal one, the only thing I can see, would be if your civilian job, was so critical, you were a "reserved occupation" i.e essential to a City's Medical services, which I believe is being discussed on , or you were just too old to be deployed...

Hand me that straw will you Jake?  ;D

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