Blair Booed at school.

Just seen on News24 that bLiar was boo'ed as he visited a school today. The Labour PR minions said it was a "Teenager's way of showing approval" or some such rubbish.

Anyone got a link?

At least bLiar is makeing teen's politicaly active. :lol:
According to some cretin from Neue Arbeit's propaganda department (on Sky), booing is the new cheering!

At the risk of getting a Wah!, is there nothing the Dear leader's people will not try to spin?
I'm from sarf landan and know feck all about this Boom bollox

Saw the footage and it definitly sounded like booing
We know its a feckin boo, they know its a feckin boo but do the multitude of Labour voters who barely speak a word of the mother tongue know they're saying boo?
Anyone who saw it, tell me this?

Were there many black kids in the crowd?

Over the last few years there has been a development of the black sub-culture (also known as urban music) by which booing (not as in Booooooooooo your sh1te!), is seen as a form of approval/thanks for the performace etc.

And no it aint cos im black is it? :wink:

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