Blair blames his lies on the Tories

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Apr 13, 2005.

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    OK, spin your contradicting lies about Tory policies into it being indicative of Tory internal divisions & incompetence, but don't expect us to believe you! This is perhaps the most egregious bit of spin I've seen in quite a while. Who's betting that the Hand of Campbell had something to do with this?
  2. Day by day, he sounds more and more like Geobbels 8O 8O
  3. Its pure Campbellism, nothing more or less. T BLiar is a nobody without old Campbell to spin, lie and cheat for him :evil:

    He and his cabal are pulling out all the stops to lie their way back into power. The economy is doing well not because of them but by the World economics at the present time, much like the Clinton years.

    After this election and the Liars get back in, then we will see the economy really,tax and tax again! He has said that they will not tax us, overtly but as we all know they are the masters of the hidden tax....mark my words people :?
  4. Complete and utter Goebbels if you ask me...

    Look scrap the election, get the old Star Trek sets and let Howard the Impaler and Bliar go at it with tridents. The band of the RM can provide a crashing brassy soundtrack and assorted Bliar Babes in faux Roman costumes can recline on the polystyrene rocks, breathing excitedly as the fight develops.

    Either Fatty Soames or Prezza can be the evil ruler and do the thumbs up/down routine when whichever one of Britain's finest politicos gets the upper hand. Paxman can then give the coup de grace...The winner then forms a National government and is seen repeatedly puffing on one of Stanley Baldwin's most reassuring pipes.

    Yes, I really do pass my day thinking of stuff like this. Almost exclusively..the rest of the time I think about shooting animals and sex. With women, not the dead animals. I felt I ought to qualify that...
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Cuddles -

    You are indeed a most strange and perverted person, and, Sir, I salute your indefatigability :D
  6. I resemble that are just about kind enough!
  7. in case we had forgotten about the man's own lies

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  8. Spot the difference?
  9. and what about TCH.

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  10. Flash video that everyone should watch before considering voting Labour

    there are some emotive pictures on here, and stuff that could be taken either way by people on this board, so please consider it in the context it is meant....