Blair attacked over his soft stance on IRA / sinn fein

Former Tory chairman Lord Tebbit has attacked Tony Blair for suggesting the Tories are soft on terror while himself making "no move" against the IRA.

It comes after ministers accused Tory leader Michael Howard of risking UK security by opposing new terror laws.

Speaking to Scotland on Sunday, Lord Tebbit condemned the prime minister for freeing Brighton bomber Patrick Magee under the Good Friday Agreement.

Lord Tebbit was among 34 people wounded in the 1984 attack which killed five.

His criticism followed the granting of new anonymity orders concerning seven former terror detainees.

LONDON (AFP) - Prime Minister Tony Blair destabilized politics in Northern Ireland by pandering to the Sinn Fein Catholic party's demands, according to a leading architect of the peace accord.

Seamus Mallon, an architect of the Good Friday Agreement, accused Blair of acting in "bad faith" by making private deals with Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams, while ignoring other politicians.

Mallon, a former leader of the moderate nationalist SDLP, told Wednesday's edition of the Daily Telegraph that Downing Street's tactics will result in a long-term stagnation in Northern Ireland political negotiations after trust in Blair's word had evaporated.

Mallon warned that the government's approach had "wiped out" the middle ground by catering instead to the extremists.
You are of course pointing out what everyone, except BLiar and his cronies, already knows. If he gave to charity a fraction of what he gave PIRA/SF then he'd have been a saint by now.

The w4nker!

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