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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Oct 1, 2005.

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    Probably licenses to kill should be issued.

    I'm interesting, what if Brazilian electrician would be killed not by police, but by soldiers in Befast in exactly the same situation. What would be further development then? Probably it would be established that they acted within 'rules of engagement' or investigation would last years and years.

    Sir Ian probably dreams about situation where policmen could beat to death any person in custody without any conseuences.
  2. Posted by mistake. Sorry.
  3. Problem with having a socialist government, they think they can act like the soviets!
  4. not a chance, they would have been hung drawn and quartered by the CPS and left to rot by Tony Blair and the govt, just as many troops who fired their weapons in NI have in the past.
  5. Obviously you know the situation better. So the policemen who killed the Brazilian whould have softly speaking some problems (if they would be soldiers).

    I would like to ask you and our friends there: what is a probability to be killid by police in London (as a suspect) if I would come to London as a tourist?

    In this context I would appreciate comments to this article

    It appears that after more than 2 months after killing of the man investigations has not been launched. Is it a normal situation? In any democratic country investigation is initiated immediately if anybody is killed (even if killers are policemen).

    Sir Ian Blair wrote in his letter:

    I have some questions about British legal system. Sir Ian is (with my full respect) only high ranked police official. Why has he right to decide what body will investigate the incident where his subordinates are involved? In any democratic country prosecutors (who are independent from police) decide this question. In Russia you can disagree with their decision and complain further including General Prosecutor. And his decision is not final. You can complain to courts including Supreme Court. There is common principle of justice: body that could be guilty in a case is not allowed to investigate the case.

    It is possible that real cause of the killing is an instruction signed by sir Ian. Would it be investigated now? I doubt. Would be the case brought to court? It is unclear. Have relatives of the Brazilian right to complain, to demand independent investigation, to demand a material compensation? Have they right that the case will be regarded not by officials (with their endless letters) but by court?

    PS. Unlike existed thread about the killing itself, I would like to discuss namely features of British legal system.