Blair announces a reduction in the number of MPs

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chutley, Jul 21, 2004.

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  1. Following today's Defence cuts, Tony Blair announced a significant cut in the number of MPs.

    Gordon Brown also announced his intentions to drastically reduce the range of allowances available to MPs, and abolish their entitlement to a full index linked pension after only a couple of years sitting in the House of Commons bar (where prices are outrageously cheap)...

    :( :( :(

    Sorry, it was all a dream. The champagne socialist pigs can still look after their own and continue to fill their faces at the trough. Would be nice though; even nicer if they all had a nasty accident on their way to work. Now, where's my Ouiji doll...? :wink:

    P.S I wasn't me Guv, someone hacked into my account
  2. There are no cuts, there is a real-terms increase in defence spending
    There are no cuts, there is a real-terms increase in defence spending

    The Scots I know are all back there again for the second time and they can all cope.

    There are no cuts, there is a real-terms increase in defence spending

    One of the best suggestions recently was that their pensions should be linked to the FTSE, then there would be less anti-business legislation. Maybe another could be to link their number to the number of deployable units, Bns, Sqns, Ships etcs
  3. Seeing as we are talking sh*te (ministers being cut or losing money indeed!) why don't we turn the army into the Plc that the govt. seems intent on treating it as? The army could raise some equity on the markets and use the money to re-org the army as they see fit. It would then act a bit like the privateers of yore. Bliar would just tell the army with a bit of a wink, to go and sort out Saddam which the army would then do. They could then appropriate equipment from the field of battle to help pay the troops and pay dividends to the investors. Recruitment would go up as soldiers would know that if they did particularly well they could make a errrr killing (see Agincourt and Crecy). The markets would also make possible a conceptually possible ability to evaluate senior managements decisions. Of course a small amount of the profit would go to HMG probably in the form of corporation Tax. A final benefit would be the ability of regiments (which lets not forget may well end up getting renamed anyway) to take on suitably swashbuckling like names. The only drawback of course would be the necessity for continuous warfare in order to fund the army, but again, this is what it seems will be happening in the near future anyway.
  4. Perhaps a few "Private Contracts" for the elimination of "Undesirable Elements" e.g. chavs, kackers, etc., could put a few bob back into the piggy-bank? On second thoughts, probably no, - the Scottish Thief would only lay claim to it. :?
  5. The BLiar New Labour party seem to be caught with a foot in both the Stalinist and Capitalist camps, and are suffering a degree of schizophrenia about what they are.


    * Behave like thought police, borrowing ideas of the Saudi Religious Police in terms of ensuring conformity to politcal correctness and raging liberal ideals.

    * You earn your money, they take it

    * They dictate through endless red tape and anti-business legislation how much you manufacture, adn with a statutory min wage and endless benefits how much you sell/pay for it (good old cenrralist planning)

    * History is re-written and eradicated and what is taught in schools reinforces the myhtology that all of the Empire was racism/bad while the BLiar new world order of the "3rd Way" (whatever the f*ck that nonesense is) is the answer

    * Propogander that gives glorious light to our Glorious Leader and his cult of personality which is not to be questioned.


    * Invade countries for the benefit of Haliburton, Blair's ties to which are just being uncovered and reported

    * Back the corporate US without question

    * Promote a global currency in line with the $USD to delfate the value of £GBP and leave the country in a financial whole while the former E European pension funds that are shored up with money from major US banks are subsidised out of any potential exchange rate losses by the value srtipped from our currency, and guess who's pension values would suffer if we joined the Euro-Rouble? YOURS!

    * Privatise public services and then when your mates have made a killing on them, write off their debts and make them public again.
  6. There may be something in what notmesir says - the Army as a plc.

    'Yeah we'll invade Iraq for you, no worries. Now what's your address, so we know where to send the invoice?'
  7. Privatisation? Not a bad idea. We could farm out REME services to the AA, most of the jobs done by the R Sigs could be taken on contract by part of BT, and the RMP could be replaced by Group 4.

    RCT? Easy. Eddie Stobart could do it for us, and we could get EasyJet to move the troops for us.

    Medical services? St John Ambulance turn out for weekend fetes, so we could use them instead of what remains of the RAMC.

    If the Dear Leader (may his turds be square and have sharp edges) ever reads this, it could form the next defence review.

    I love my couontry, but I despise it's government.
  9. Already happening - MDHUs farming out cases to BUPA

    Most of the Doctors and Dentists in BFG are LOCUMS or Civilians

    The future Sir
  10. Indeed. BFGHS makes a tidy profit for Guys and St Thomas' Trust (a tautology if ever there was one), and their staff are generally far better paid than their military equivalents.

    The cost of employing locums is huge both in financial terms and the lack of quality and continuity of care.
  11. Already done............heard of DCSA?
  12. Wise words...... the Military is already a Contractor.

    Our current client, the US, has said that our performance is up this quarter and we are bidding hard for the Iran Contract. The rival European conglomerate isn't doing too well this quarter with some structural faults in their Business Plan.

    Our Business is based on a sound understanding of the Market. We guarantee to deliver Death and 5 Forms of Mayhem on the poor buggers chosen for our client's Rightful Wrath.

    And we can do it for a fraction of the cost of our rival European Competitors.

    Our staff are happy to deliver and guarantee to deliver Death and 5 Forms of Mayhem with a cheery smile and take pride in their work.

    All they ask is a bluey, an egg banjo and a beer. :D

    The Britsih Army - Market Leaders in Expeditionary Warfare.